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Academic Writing Resources October 28, 2010

Harvard University’s Writing Center has some useful resources for writers working on academic papers. Their “Brief Guides to Writing Papers in the Disciplines” covers the fields of history, philosophy, English, and psychology. These guides discuss some common types of papers and writing conventions according to each discipline. In addition to an extensive guide to using sources, their “Strategies for Essay Writing” (scroll down, see right-hand column) span “How to Read an Assignment” to “Revising a Draft” and every step in-between. Of course, every writer has his or her own method to composition, but this “roadmap” may provide some structure for those of us who crave it.


Common Folk October 27, 2010

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During class the other night (English 431, Invention of the Novel), Professor John Shanahan pointed out a great online resource for writers who are interested in conducting original, historiographic research. Old Bailey Online is a searchable index of 197,745 criminal trials conducted at London’s central criminal court from 1674 to 1913. (more…)


Working on your E-Portfolio? October 26, 2010

Tutors from UCWbL are staffing a “Digication Lab” Tuesdays and Thursdays, 4:20 pm to 6:00 pm, in McGaw Hall (room 202) this autumn quarter. Drop in if you need help navigating the site as you create your e-portfolio. Also, check out a few featured e-portfolios, courtesy of Digication.


The Ethicist on Giving Students Help on Writing… October 24, 2010

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In today’s (October 24, 2010) New York Times Magazine, Randy Cohen fields a question from a librarian (scroll down to the second entry) at a community college about the ethics of pointing out students grammar or spelling errors when she/he (the writer’s name is withheld) is fielding more technical questions about how to use computer workstations. (more…)


Rap Metrics. Wow. October 23, 2010

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I just discovered a fellow WordPress blog called RapMETRICS.  It’s an amazing site.

The site’s sole credited writer, rapmetrics, who I’m fairly sure is Liban Ali Yusuf, aka RapGenius (FaceBook here) posts detailed statistical analyses of hip-hop lyrics–end rhymes, internal rhymes, rhyme density, meter, “simple” word usage vs. “novel” word usage, syllables, and so on. (more…)


Join the Celebration: Today is the National Day on Writing! October 20, 2010

The following activities are happening at DePaul University today in celebration of the National Day on Writing: (more…)


Check out Ex Libris, DePaul’s Graduate English Blog October 13, 2010

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Molly Tranberg (MAWP ’11) has done a fabulous job transitioning DePaul’s Graduate English newsletter into a new blog.  Of course there’s information regarding DePaul’s M.A. programs in English, but you’ll also find calls for papers, student reflections, internship opportunities, and even job announcements. There is plenty of information relevant to undergraduate students as well as graduate students, faculty and staff. Check it out!


More thoughts on writing and music October 7, 2010

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Generally I put music on when I write. I avoid music with lyrics almost always. I generally start with 1950s and 1960s jazz like Bill Evans or Cannonball Adderly. Sometimes the extreme virtuosity and speed of the solos in this kind of jazz can be distracting, so I turn to more ambient music like Brian Eno or The Ghost Orchid. I like instrumental music like The Six Parts Seven, Mogwai, or Explosions in the Sky when it comes time to revise and there’s more room for my mind to wander. There are times, though, when I’m trying to write and all my mind focuses on is the music. When that happens, it’s time for silence, at least until I get some momentum.


For elevated language, FB M-W! October 6, 2010

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Open Writing Center appointments are as scarce as golden tickets lately.  As due dates approach and new assignments hit the table, WConline is accumulating more hits of its own as students check for that time-slot to go from baby blue to bright white. If you’re wait-listed and hoping for that opening notification, or if you’re abusing the refresh button, fingers crossed for new results, why not use that time waiting for the window to load as an opportunity to expand your vocabulary and improve your writing by logging on to… Facebook? (more…)


Coffee? Maybe you should sleep on it…

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We’re in Week Four of classes at DePaul University, and you know what that means: coffee!  With midterms just around the corner, students are more likely to meet their coffee maker in order to survive those last-minute all-nighters.  But how much caffeine is too much? (more…)



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