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Almost There January 31, 2011

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It was nerve wrecking and a little strange, but what could I really do if the writer had a great handle on her assignment and it was well-written.  Today was my first lead on a tutorial and I think I handled it fairly well. (more…)


Commenting on Coffee and Commenting January 28, 2011

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I had the opportunity to sit in this morning on “Coffee and Commenting,” a forum for DePaul’s Writing Fellows (and some Tutors) to give and receive peer feedback…on our peer feedback. (more…)


A Review of Virgil January 27, 2011

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A few days ago, the online resource ‘Virgil’ was brought to my attention. This helpful writing tool was developed by the University of Texas’ Writing Center, Undergraduate Writing Center. This morning, I had the opportunity to play around with the many features that Virgil offers, and was very impressed with the helpful guidance the website gives. (more…)


Grammar Plus! January 26, 2011

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When first logging on to the Capital Community College Foundation’s Guide to Grammar and Writing you may be amused by the puffy font, section bubbles and multicolored punctuation surrounding the page, but don’t be fooled.  This site is serious business. (more…)


Suburban Campus Writing Groups January 22, 2011

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We’ve all been there.  The essay is assigned on Monday and you have every intention of starting on Tuesday.  Wednesday rolls around and you vow to spend at least an hour writing a first draft.  Thursday slips away and on Friday, the assignment sheet sits on your desk, stares you in the face and threatens to ruin your weekend.  The next two days are inevitably riddled with anxiety, frustration, and writer’s block, and Sunday night becomes a last ditch, all night effort to produce an essay that you hope will escape your professor’s close scrutiny. (more…)


Love Across Languages January 21, 2011

What are you doing on the afternoon of February 14th? We hope that you’re coming to Love Across Languages, a multilingual poetry reading in the Loop’s North Cafe! (more…)


Stage Fright.

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I have always been fiercely defensive about my own writing. As a teenager, I remember composing my very first piece of what we now know as Creative Nonfiction. I thought it was beautiful. Perfect. Heartbreaking. Clearly, I was destined for a Pulitzer. So of course I remember the feelings of humiliation-and then panic- that washed over me as I overheard my mother proudly reading it to my grandparents over the phone.



Words, Shm-ords: The Question of “Writing” and The Possibility of Other Literacies January 18, 2011

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(Gotta love a good colon title, yeah?)

When one commonly thinks of ‘Writing,’ the idea usually looks something like this.  (‘this’ being what you’re looking at right now, words/sentences/paragraphs/punctuation.)  ‘Literacy’, then, seems tied to the ability to understand and communicate in writing and, consequently, the avenue by which we achieve a higher literacy is through reading and writing (because its all “words, words, words”).  But this hasn’t always been the case.  As some thinkers like Walter Mignolo, Mircea Eliade, or Levi-Strauss have acknowledged, pre-alphabetic humans had an entirely different means of communication usually through image-based communication (a la Hieroglyphics, pictographs, or even, one could argue, Art). (more…)


Writing to Ease Test Anxiety

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A recent study published by researchers from the University of Chicago was brought to my attention yesterday that discovered allowing students a few minutes to write about their anxiety before a test will enhance their performance. According to the study, after students had written for ten minutes prior to completing a high-stakes test, their grades were improved by nearly one grade point. (more…)


Let the Shadowing Begin January 17, 2011

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How boring is it when you start a new job and all they do is give you a list of duties, or dry pages of a handbook or they make you watch some decades old instructional video?  It seems that these small steps can hardly be considered training.  In a world where we’re always connected to the thick of things it seems that we always want to jump right in and perhaps in the case of job training we should. (more…)



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