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Sometimes You Need More Than One Sentence for a Thesis April 28, 2011

With midterms looming and the end of the quarter in sight I thought I would share some advice and encouragement with the lovely and possibly avid readers of UCWbLing. (more…)


Online Feedback for Hopeful Fiction Writers April 27, 2011

Julie Bosman’s recent NY Times article, “Aspiring Authors Get Help Online” announces Penguin Group’s newest endeavor: Book Country, a website that allows writers to post their fiction writing online for other members.

The site functions like Facebook for avid writers.  Viewers must sign up to be a member of the community in order to read other members’ uploaded books or writing samples.  People can then post (more…)


Font Size and Learning: Why Bigger and Bolder isn’t Necessarily Better April 26, 2011

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According to a recent New York Times article, text written in bigger, bolder font doesn’t necessarily enhance the chances that you’ll remember it. (more…)


Digicational: Incorporating Images April 21, 2011

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The approach of spring quarter midterms means tests, stress, but also e-portfolios! Whether you’re thinking of your WRD portfolios or job hunting come June graduation, it might be time to look to Digication for your e-portfolio needs. While browsing the pages viewable to digicators in the DePaul community, I found a great many portfolios designed by prospective teachers like Lindsey Stow.** E-portfolios, of course, are an effective tool for professionals looking to showcase their experiences in a way that is much more in depth than a brief resume.

That said, one element that made Lindsey’s profile stand out to me was her professional use of images throughout her portfolio. (more…)


Pockets, Public Readings, and Prompts for Poems

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Last Thursday, April 14th, was Poem in Your Pocket Day, and we at the UCWbL got into the act. Poem in Your Pocket Day has been a national occasion since 2008, and both the Lincoln Park and Loop Writing Centers took part in the festivities. (more…)


Plagiarism & Academic Integrity: Talked to death? Or not? April 20, 2011

“DePaul University is a learning community that fosters the pursuit of knowledge and the transmission of ideas within a context that emphasizes a sense of responsibility for oneself, for others and for society at large.”

You will most likely recognize the above passage as it is required to appear on every class syllabus.  And although many students feel like plagiarism and academic integrity policies are talked to death and (more…)


The Power of the Five April 19, 2011

Recently I have come to a very interesting conclusion.  The five paragraph essay that we learned to write back in high school was possibly the most valuable tool I could have taken to college.  No I know what some of you are thinking – weren’t we told to stop using that as soon as we entered higher education?  This may be true, but without that basic format we would be lost when we try to adapt our own writing and organization to each assignment we receive.



Try Out for TED Talks

For the first time since it began in the early 1980s, the non-profit TED (Technology, Entertainment and Design) is opening up their speaking platform to us plebs. Anyone with a webcam and an internet connection can submit a one-minute video for a chance to be featured online at TED Talks or even an opportunity to speak at the upcoming TED 2012 Full Spectrum conference. If chosen, you’d join the illustrious ranks of previous TED speakers, such as Bill Gates, Jane Goodall, and Richard Dawkins. If you’re not chosen but still want to attend the conference, you’ll just have to fork over a mere $7,500 with your application. Elitist? Yes. But at least the TED Talks videos are free, like Janine Benyus’s fascinating presentation on biomimicry. What are your favorite TED Talks?


$cr@wL R@di0, Episode 5 April 18, 2011

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Catch up on the latest episode of Scrawl Radio, the UCWbL‘s bi-monthly broadcast that airs on Radio DePaul.  Press “play” below:



Outposted April 14, 2011

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So this is officially my last new tutor blog entry.  Yesterday I had both my first day at the Richardson Library Outpost and my exit interview to go over my portfolio.  (more…)



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