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Quick Questions: On Professional Bios May 31, 2012

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Part of our work at the Writing Center includes responding to “Quick Questions” asked by writers from within and beyond the DePaul community. By posting the questions from writers and answers crafted by our tutors, we hope you just might discover the answer to a question you have always wanted (or never thought) to ask!

Question:  I am working on a professional bio. Can you tell me how to properly write this, specifically  how to write out the degrees (Masters, Master, master, etc.):

1) . She earned a masters of international marketing from Colorado College and a bachelor of arts in history from Chicago State.

Thank you! (more…)


Scrawl S4E7: Tom Puts on His Writing Shorts May 29, 2012

Warning: The audio content below is both entertaining and informative. Listen at your discretion.

Have you ever seen a movie and thought Hey, I can do that! Well according to Tom, you can!  On this episode of Scrawl, Tracey joins the guys in a fabulous discussion about screenwriting.  We talk about what screenwriting is, how it functions, as well as what should and should not be included in a screenplay.  Tom gives his advice on what works and what doesn’t, and Tracey and Robert talk about their recent introduction to the genre.  Toward the end of the program, Tom puts on his writing shorts as the gang does a table read of one of his original screenplays Pinewood.


If you enjoy writing screenplays, have ever thought about writing screenplays, or just plain love movies and television shows and want to know more about how they are written, this is the episode for you!




Presenting the Best You: The Personal Statement

I think we can all agree, personal statements are the worst.  Hated and feared by the high schooler, and blacked out over the undergraduate years, it’s no contest that personal statements are one of the most dreaded forms of writing.  They are, however, necessary – and especially for a lot of you graduating students, if you’re applying for further education, or jobs, or scholarships or grants.  And so, by popular demand (judging by the number of desperate personal statement writers I’ve had in the past week), here is a short guide to writing a good personal statement.  Note – this is not a guarantee of success, but simply a short and sweet set of tips that should give you some direction and maybe even motivation (gasp!). (more…)


Review of the 2012 First-Year Program Writing Showcase May 24, 2012

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Mid-May brings with it lots of exciting signs of the end of yet another academic year… My favorite sign, (and whose planning committee I volunteer on throughout the year), is the First-Year Program Writing Showcase!

The Showcase is an annual event, sponsored by a variety of DePaul Departments, including the First-Year Program and the UCWbL. It is an opportunity for the best writers participating in the First-Year Program to receive recognition for their accomplishments, and revisit writing assignments as they re-envision them as poster presentations!

This year, on May 16, about 30 students participated in the Showcase, joined by their instructors, peers, and families. Keynote speaker Dr. Doug Hesse, the Director of Denver University’s Writing Program and an English professor, also joined us. Dr. Hesse’s speech was lighthearted, yet poignant, drawing on a variety of pop culture references to instill the very real and relevant nature writing continues to play in our every day lives.

As always, the highlight of the event was seeing the hard work and critical thinking of the student participants translated on to their poster boards. Poster boards this year were as imaginative and thought provoking as ever.

Some standout posters for me included

  • A piece on stolen antiquities that capitalized on various golden and textured papers while communicating the message through a minimalist design
  • A young man’s journey overcoming a speech impediment who handed out plastic gold medals, declaring everyone a winner
  • A piece drawing on a writer’s most significant artistic influences as he discovered his desire to become an actor.

Obviously, these are just three examples of the remarkable work done by student writers this year. I strongly encourage you to come witness the First Year Programs Writing Showcase for yourself next year!


Scrawl Season 4 Episode 6: Scrawl Gets Haner-ed May 22, 2012

Boy are you in for a treat! Scrawl Radio, once again, is graced with the musical stylings of the one and only, Morgan Haner.  Promoting his new album “War and Cocaine,” set to release June 20th, Morgan talks with us about writing the album. What started as a five song EP turned into a full length, eleven-track album, and Morgan walks through how he went through the constant writing, recording, editing, mixing, and producing of this album–yeah, he did it all himself!


Join Scrawl and Morgan Haner on June 20th at Uncommon Ground on Devon at 9:00 pm for his next show!


Morgan and his music are available via Morgan Haner Music Bandcamp and Morgan Haner Music Facebook.

Please enjoy one of our favorite shows, yet!

Original Air Date: 5-18-12


Paperback 4ever: A Reader’s Manifesto

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I will be the first to admit that I’m a proud techie.  Gadgets, blogs, e-readers, and all things digital – bring them on.  But with reading, it’s a little different.  Even with an iPad and easy access to e-books, I just can’t give up my paperbacks.  I tried going digital, tried buying up classics from the 99cent page, tried downloading new releases instead of paying twice as much for them in-store, but for books that I really care about, digital isn’t even an option.  I need the book in hand, in tote bag, in cafés and on couches and with me for the long haul.  This isn’t a rant against readers who prefer digital – sometimes, in certain cases, I’m one of them – but in praise of traditional books and everything they offer.  People like to say print is dead, but the digital revolution has, if anything, made me more aware of how dependent I am on “slow media” and how I’m really, deeply, insanely in love with books. (more…)


Join us for the Threshold Launch Party! May 20, 2012

Threshold, DePaul’s student-run arts and literary journal, is having a party for the release of its spring edition this Friday.  Join us at the DePaul Art Museum, on May 25th from 3-6 pm, for refreshments, readings from some of DePaul’s finest writers, and a free copy of the new issue.  Hope to see you there!

You can RSVP on Threshold’s Facebook page.


Global Voices: Publishing June 1st May 18, 2012

The CMWR is pleased to announce the forthcoming second edition of our e-magazine Global Voices, which showcases the work of the DePaul’s multilingual community.  We are very excited about the work we are sharing this year ranging from narratives, to research, to photo portfolios and exhibiting the talent and diversity present on DePaul’s campus.  The e-magazine will be available on June 1st at the following link: https://depaul.digication.com/globalvoicesvolume2/Welcome/ so be sure to check it out once the content is published.  Please feel free to contact us with any questions or suggestions.


A Conversation about Discrimination in Tutorials: After the Inservice May 16, 2012

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This past Friday Elise N. and I hosted the last inservice of the 2011-2012 academic year, “A Conversation about Discrimination in Tutorials.” Our overall goal was to encourage conversation about our experiences with encountering discriminatory language and attitudes in tutorials, and we were very pleased with the amount of extensive conversation that arose. That said, both Elise and I knew that we would not be able to cover all the territory surrounding  discriminatory language/attitudes in tutorials within the hour and a half time limit, and we hope that this inservice sparks further conversation. A series of quotes, questions, readings, and “Looking back; Looking Forward” next steps are available for you to look over in the prezi Elise and I created. The next steps, which were collectively compiled by the inservice participants, were:

  • keep doin’ what you’re doin’!
  • consider our policies
  • flexibility
  • talk & respect (like we do)
  • consider applying same strategies to these instances of discriminatory language
  • continue our conversation

I’ve also included parts of our prezi in the slideshow above. Check it out! Tell us what you think! Keep the conversation going!

A Conversation about Discrimination in Tutorials on Prezi


Scrawl Season 4 Episode 5: Forgot About S.C.R.A.W.L. May 15, 2012

This week on Scrawl, your boys discussed the evolution and evaluation of rap music; why it gets a bad rap (I know it’s a pun, ya wanna fight about it?) and why it’s one of the last true forms of lyrical music. Tom also gives his two-cents on his former namesake, Against Me! vocalist Tom Gabel, who recently came out to Rolling Stone as transgender.

Respek, son. (*pours out brass monkey for MCA*)

Air Date: 5-11-12



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