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White noise September 30, 2010

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What is your favorite music to listen to while you write?

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3 Responses to “White noise”

  1. joeo235 Says:

    When writing I prefer to listen to music without lyrics or lyrics in a language other than English. Django Reinhardt, Edith Piaf, and music compilations under the Putumayo label are some of my favorites. When I’m online I sometimes listen at Pandora (an online radio station that suggests music you might like based on your preferences) and WWOZ (New Orleans’ community radio station).

  2. Mia Amélie Robidoux Says:

    When silence isn’t so golden, I love to put on some noise to get the creative juices flowin’. The Strokes are a personal fav, as their singing is rather difficult to hear and therefore not distracting as I type away.
    However, sometimes it’s important to “Step away from the essay!” and engage in a dance session, especially when met with a significantly heavy load of writer’s block. When it’s time to get pumped up, I love to blast some swing: clapping my hands and whipping out some Charleston to Louis Jordan’s “School Days” almost always does the trick!

  3. kwesolek Says:

    I love swing dance but I never thought it might be a useful to break it out while writing a research paper. Thanks for the idea.

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