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Digital humanities, the next big thing? November 16, 2010

An article in today’s New York Times discusses what might be the next big thing in the humanities. With texts being digitally scanned and uploaded every day (Google so far has scanned over 12 million books in over 40 languages), scholars in the humanities are able to use computational research methodologies in order to describe, analyze, and interpret vast swaths of text.  (more…)


Politics and the English Language November 11, 2010

What would George Orwell think? While the origins of textual analysis dates back to ancient times, the use of computers to analyze texts is a recent development. (more…)


Get your research published… on Wikipedia November 9, 2010

According to N.P.R., Wikipedia’s Public Policy Initiative has recruited professors from eight different universities (including Harvard and U.C. Berkeley) to incorporate Wikipedia into their courses on public policy. No, students will not be citing sources from Wikipedia. Rather, their research will be used to improve and  expand Wikipedia’s entries concerning public policy. (more…)


Do you know about Zotero? November 7, 2010

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As November rolls onward, DePaul University’s finals week approaches.  Those research paper due dates that were once safely tucked away on a calendar page far far away now require your immediate attention.  So why not start by getting organized with Zotero? (more…)


Greetings from the IWCA/NCPTW Conference in Baltimore! November 5, 2010

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Every two years, the writing center community converges at the International Writing Center Association Conference and National Conference on Peer Tutoring in Writing. The 2010 conference is happening now (Nov. 4-6) in Baltimore, MD.

DePaul’s UCWbL is well-represented this year; we have 11 people attending and 10 of them are presenting.

On the first day, UCWbLers Tom, Javaria, and Margaret lead a discussion session on the complexities of what collaboration means and looks like in Writing Centers. They began by pointing to the ways in which collaboration challenges power dynamics within a tutorial, the idea of “peer,” and the engagement with minimalist and directive tutoring approaches. (more…)


Get Out and Vote November 2, 2010

Election Day is here! Because the UCWbL values democratic processes, I’m posting some online resources that the undecided voter may find useful before heading out to the polls. If you are registered to vote but don’t know the location of your polling place, find out here by plugging in your address (this should be the same address you’ve used during voter registration). The Illinois Voters Guide, hosted by the State of Illinois, provides information on statewide elections (searchable by office or candidate) and the proposed constitutional amendment. Vote411.org‘s “On Your Ballot” module, a project of the the League of Women Voters, allows you to view your ballot beforehand. Whether you find these tools helpful or not, be sure your voice is heard by going out and voting today!