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First Day on the Job January 10, 2011

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Starting something new is never easy.  Whether it’s a new job or a new piece of writing things are always a bit shaky or at least a little nerve wrecking at first.  Take today for example.  Just in beginning this blog post, I must have erased and re-wrote a beginning at least six times.  Not only am I blogging for the first time in my life, but I’m also at the end of my first day as an UCWbL Writing Center tutor.Shortly after walking in to the darkened “fish bowl” at McGaw, I realized any nerves I had about my first day were unnecessary and any uncertainties I had would be quickly erased.  After a few minutes of getting settled, I met up with my “buddy,” Mia, and we started into the New Tutor quiz.  First worry averted, it was not an actual sit down quiz graded with red-pen and percentages, but in fact it was a really great way to start my training.  I learned all kinds of crazy new information about small things like the name of the printer we use in the center and bigger concepts like how to prepare for a face-to-face appointment.  It was not difficult, but rather an extremely helpful tool to learn the little ins and outs of life as a Writing Center Tutor.

Mia was exceptional at helping me along and showing me, not only how to access the various web tools we will be using, but how to open up to both the writers seeking your help and our fellow staff members.  Admittedly, I’m not the most social person myself and it usually takes me a minute to warm up to everything.  Having an outgoing person for my buddy was actually perfect.  Being a senior English major is definitely a perk as well, seeing as I have had classes with a number of UCWbL employees and at least am able to put a face to a name.  I am still a tiny bit intimidated by the size of the staff and the number of people I don’t know yet, but I foresee a quick transition into falling into the flow of the Writing Center.

After completing the quiz and getting jazzed up about starting a Digication portfolio, I was quickly recruited to write for the blog.  Although certain members of the blog team didn’t want to lay on the pressure Matthew seems pretty certain that this is a good place to be.  For now, I will trust him on that one and embark on the journey of blogging for the UCWbL as a new Tutor.  I will be periodically checking in to share my experiences in becoming a new member of the UCWbL team.  I guess this all means I’m excited to now be a writer writing about writing – or something to that effect.


2 Responses to “First Day on the Job”

  1. joeo235 Says:

    Kelsey, I appreciate your willingness to blog about your experiences as a new tutor and I look forward to hearing more about them. Thanks so much!

  2. Mia Amélie Says:

    We’re so glad to have you in the Writing Center as well as the blogging team! As Joe said, your willingness to jump into the previously unfamiliar world of blogging (on your first day, at that) is most appreciated!

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