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Love Across Languages January 21, 2011

What are you doing on the afternoon of February 14th? We hope that you’re coming to Love Across Languages, a multilingual poetry reading in the Loop’s North Cafe! February 14th marks the start of International Writing Centers Week, so the festivities will celebrate words, writers, and (because it’s Valentine’s Day) some of our favorite love poems. The North Cafe is on the 11th floor of the Student Center downtown, and the reading will run from 3:00-6:00. There will be Valentine’s Day treats, if you need any more encouragement!

We hope to hear your favorite poem in any language. Love poems are great, but not required. As this event celebrates writers, bring original work, your favorite poet’s work, poems in translation, or whatever else you think of.

In October, we celebrated the second annual National Day on Writing with a multilingual poetry reading, and while a last-minute change of venue affected our turnout, those who attended had a great time and heard some great poetry. Readers entertained us in Arabic, Russian, and English, and we heard not only the work of well-known poets (including Emily Dickinson and Anna Akhmatova), but also original work by writers at DePaul.

Watch this blog for more information as the date approaches!


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