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Grammar Plus! January 26, 2011

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When first logging on to the Capital Community College Foundation’s Guide to Grammar and Writing you may be amused by the puffy font, section bubbles and multicolored punctuation surrounding the page, but don’t be fooled.  This site is serious business.Put in the most basic terms, it contains everything you might ever need to know about grammar and writing.  It really has it all.  There are sections on adverbs, places to take quizzes to test your knowledge and even examples of statements of poor grammar from former President George Bush.

I’m not going to lie, the general, simple layout of the homepage threw me off for a second, but when I went to the bubbled drop-down menus to search around I was practically overwhelmed at the plethora of information now at my fingertips.

The best analogy I can think of is to imagine yourself in a supermarket, or better yet a one-stop-shop like Target where there is everything you need and things you never knew you did.  The site has bubbles which were like walking by aisles, except these labels read Word & Sentence Level, Paragraph Level, Essay & Research Paper Level, Ask Grammar, Quizzes and Search Devices, Peripherals & Powerpoints and finally Grammar Poll, Guestbook and Awards.  Walk in to any of the aisles and you’ll find helpful hints about words that people often confuse with another and their subsequent definitions.  Be impressed as you pass by the dozens of online accolades the site has accumulated.  Have a question?  Well lucky you this Grammar supermarket has people on staff to answer and archived answers to previous questions as well as a FAQ.

There are several ways to search the site if one does not suit your fancy, use the index page instead.  If you need quick links to definitions of terms or types of writing they are right there on the page.  Seriously, the site is so helpful I felt like I should leave it a tip.

In the end, my vote is this is a great resource for writers as you’re writing and might have a minute grammar question.  It’s a great site for tutors as well because it offers different exercises in writing (i.e. freewriting, clustering etc.) in the Essay and Research Paper Level.  Most of all though for a grammar nerd like myself it is a perfect place to widen your knowledge and refresh topics and even voice your opinion in the grammar related polls each week.  The only minor issue is that the search engine doesn’t seem to work very well, but there are so many ways to access the information and get your questions answered it hardly mattered.

It’s a great source and I highly recommend checking it out for yourself.

Guide to Grammar and Writing


One Response to “Grammar Plus!”

  1. natdesjardins Says:

    This site is amazing…I’ll definitely be using it in the future. Thanks for this!

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