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Social Cataloguing, Books, and Snow Days February 25, 2011

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You might ask what these things have in common. Books are often enjoyed in solitude, but on one of DePaul’s snow days earlier in February, I found myself entranced by the social cataloguing site Goodreads. I was sitting at the kitchen table, contentedly getting ahead on homework as the snow came down, when my cousin emailed.  She had forwarded me a copy of the monthly newsletter put out by Goodreads, thinking that I might want to enter their poetry contest. Not only was I immediately attracted by the newsletter’s full color format, but I recognized it as something that my fellow tutors in the Writing Center had been talking about recently. Imagining that it wouldn’t take me long to sign up, I quickly made an account. But signing up was the easy part! A few minutes turned into a few hours as I searched through lists of favorite books posted by other readers. When you sign up for Goodreads, you are automatically given three shelves: read, to-read, and currently-reading. While these are obviously not enough categories, the reader can then create as many shelves as they would like to further subcategorize their books. For example, I have a virtual shelf for my research books and another one for poetry. And the more friends you have on Goodreads, the more fun it is. While I enjoyed adding books to my shelves, commenting on what my friends were reading made it even better. I’ve found several of my fellow tutors on Goodreads and hope to find more. This site has been around since 2006, so some of you may already have accounts. But if, like me, Goodreads is something new and exciting, you should check it out. It costs nothing to have so much fun. Fellow readers, I hope to see your lists of favorite books soon!


4 Responses to “Social Cataloguing, Books, and Snow Days”

  1. Joe Olivier Says:

    Thanks for sharing Goodreads. I’ve been using the Living Social Books app on Facebook. By saying “been using,” I really mean to say I’ve added a few books I’ve read, but I haven’t kept it up to date.

    Digital books and e-readers or tablets PCs are looking more and more compelling to me-especially since I have books in storage. It would be nice to carry your entire library with you anywhere.

  2. Lisa Lenoir Says:

    Great post. I have already set up an account. Now, I will take time to explore it.

  3. Kelsey Stoffel Says:

    I love the goodreads site. It even instills a sense of competition. I activated a countdown of my books read based on the 80 books goal I set at the beginning of the year and so it keeps track of that. Additionally I get emails every time someone makes updates to their page and it makes me want to read more seeing my friends finishing and starting new books.

  4. Marianne K Says:

    Yup, Yup, Yup. I love Goodreads! I have been using it for about four years, but haven’t really updated it since I started grad school. I’ll be finishing up my degree in June though; so watch out readers, my Goodreads page is gonna start growing again!

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