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Is it time to ditch your USB thumb-drive? March 30, 2011

If you store your work to a USB thumb-drive, you’ve probably felt the stomach-churning sensation induced by the the realization that you’ve somehow lost or destroyed it. I’ve certainly felt that way when I watched my USB drive get smashed in a car door. (Coincidentally I’ve stopped attaching the cursed things to my keychain). (more…)


Peer Tutor & Mentor Summit Reaches New Heights! March 16, 2011

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The UCWbL ended Winter Quarter classes on a high note this past Friday, March 11th at that the first ever Peer Tutor & Mentor Summit.  The event, organized by the UCWbL’s own Rachel Hedrick, brought together members of tutoring and mentorship programs from across the university to explore the methods of other offices and to celebrate the important role that these programs play in higher education. Offices represented at the Summit included the Office of Multicultural Student Success, the Student Leadership Institute, the PLuS Program, and many more. Members from each program were able to present to and learn from each other, introducing topics varying from placing peer tutoring in terms of “socially responsible leadership” to navigating tutoring methods that fit the needs of a variety of students. (more…)


Quick Questions – On Focus(ed) Groups March 14, 2011

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Question: I am a bit confused about terminology. Should it be ‘focus group’ or ‘focused group’?  For example, if I am writing the sentence, ‘The chairman is thinking of setting up focus/focused group meetings to collect stakeholders’ views’, should I use focus or focused? Or it doesn’t matter? Thanks! —

Response: Hi —!  Although it seems to make perfect sense that one would refer to a group of people focused on a particular topic as a “focused group,” I have only ever heard it said “focus group.”



When Nixon Met Elvis March 9, 2011

While waiting on a few books being sent through inter-library loan to come in, I happened upon some research topics other than the ones I have been concentrating on. Like exploring some of the thirteen National Archives’ Presidential Libraries online. Did you know there is a library for every president since Herbert Hoover to George Walker Bush? Even Richard Nixon, who resigned from office, has one (including a special exhibit detailing his encounter with Elvis). (more…)


Kalamazoo (Does Not Equal Kazoo)

The research team is back in Chicago after an exciting weekend in Kalamazoo, Michigan for the East Central Writing Center Association’s (ECWCA) annual conference!  This was my first writing center conference, and I have to say, I was a bit stunned by the subculture I encountered in Michigan.  To hear people discussing Stephen North (more…)


Cue the Music: Musical Rhetorics March 8, 2011

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Its that time of year.  Digication portfolios are due.

If you’re like me, you’re concerned with trying to give your portfolio a little pizazz. (Because presentation is important!) (more…)


A Weekend at the East Central Writing Centers Association Conference

On this past Friday, I traveled by Amtrak to Kalamazoo, Michigan. It was early in the morning and the landscape was stark and gray, but due to a sense of expectation, I found it difficult to nap. Lisa, a fellow tutor from DePaul’s UCWbL, was with me on the train. We were both members of the Reseach Team and we were going to be presenting at a conference for the East Central Writing Centers Association (ECWCA) in a matter of hours with several other undergraduate and graduate tutors. (more…)