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Summer Reading Staff Picks…Part 6! May 31, 2011

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It’s Tuesday with Tom..both of them!  Check out Tom S. and Tom H.’s top picks!

Tom S. recommends…


A good read for…I think this is a great book for people who are lost or are trying to find passion in the work they do.

A brief synopsis…In this story a man dissects certain words in a philsophical way. He ties in such terms with Zen Buddhism and relates it to his work on motorcycles.

Why it’s a top pick…You do not need to have a motorcycle or know anything about one in order to enjoy this book! Coming to your brain this summer..!

Tom H. recommends…

Y: The Last Man  (a comic series) by Brian K. Vaughan
 A good read for…  People who want a comic book that treats them like adults, and one of the most original and lively sci-fi universes you’ll find.

A brief synopsis… Yorick Brown and his pet capuchin monkey survive a bizarre plague that kills every creature on earth with a Y chromosome in minutes.Now an incredibly valuable commodity for the survival of humanity, Yorick must survive in the remaining half of civilization.

So why is it a top pick? For a story about the last man in a world of women, thank god Vaughan avoids making it into a sex fantasy. His knack for dialogue is unmatched in comics, and the characterization is incredible. Almost every logistical issue of a world where half the population drops dead is addressed. The world-building is staggeringly well done and almost as good as the main plot.



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