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Flask Fiction June 30, 2011

Are you a writer?
Are you twenty-one or older?
Do you like to drink?
Got some free time between 5 and 8 pm tonight?



Workshopping Outside of School June 29, 2011

Can you count on one hand the number of people outside of school who have read your work? This is a shame.  You may be thinking, “talk about a blessing, not a curse,” but allow me for a moment to express just a few of the reasons why workshopping is so invaluable to writers of all levels, and can be done even outside of a workshopping class at school.



Agents, Contests, Jobs, and Journals: Resources for Writers

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Sifting through the clutter of literary contests posted online or catalogued in different publications can be a very daunting task for writers who wish to submit their writing for publication.

I’ve known writers  who have sifted through the different databases of contests and journals and fellowships, as well as the bible for writers, The Writer’s Market, and created their own rankings of contests and journals.  But when combined with the notion that writers submit to many of these contests and journals hoping for acceptance but expecting rejection, and the fact that a 99% rejection rate would be considered a success, it can make for a downright horrid experience that anyone other than masochists would prefer to avoid.

But there is help.



NewTown Writers

Still painfully sunburnt from the Chicago Pride Parade on Sunday, I thought I’d take some time to promote an LGBT writers’ association based here in the Windy City that I—being young and oblivious—didn’t even know existed until now. NewTown Writers is a group dedicated to promoting LGBT literature and authors, brining writers together for workshops and publication, and has been doing so for the last thirty-one years.



Nice article. How about a digital beer? June 28, 2011

Tomorrow, on June 29, Wikipedia will add a new way of giving feedback to its contributors.  The ‘WikiLove‘ feature is modeled after Facebook’s ‘Like’ button, a medium for the social network’s members to provide one another with instant praise.  WikiLove, however, differs slightly.  Readers have the opportunity to show their appreciation for a particular entry in the online encyclopedia by offering the author digital kittens or glasses of beer. (more…)


The Presidency Is Being Campaigned For! Politics and the Power of the Passive Voice June 27, 2011

Americans will choose their next president on November 6, 2012.  Although this is many months away, the campaign for the presidency is already in full swing.  Each candidate seems to be promising that he or she will stand out among the competitors, but I guarantee you that one thing will be uniform across the political spectrum: the popularity of the passive voice. (more…)


Sustainable Scrawling June 24, 2011

For those who don’t know, Scrawl–the UCWbL’s radio show–is live every Friday at 11am on Radio DePaul.

When you’re told to listen to a writing center’s radio show, you’re like, “Yeah, okay,” and figure you’ll never listen, or if you do you’ll do it for four minutes and be done.

But this show is seriously hilarious, full of pop culture references and self-deprecating waves of epicosity.