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DePaul Summer Writing Conference June 20, 2011

Hey there, lovers of writing. Summer is underway (despite what the ambiguous weather may suggest), which also means that DePaul’s Summer Writing Conference is going to be coming up next month, July 15-17th.

By its own definition:

“The conference will help writers of all experience levels learn more about craft, how to get published and how to make a career as a writer. Workshops will focus on poetry, fiction, nonfiction and writing for children and teens.

As an opportunity for new and/or unpublished writers like myself, this is pretty much incredible.

Now, when I first received an email about the conference, I didn’t click the link—I turned and asked the person next to me here at the UCWbL whether or not it was free. When I found out that it wasn’t, I didn’t look at it again for a couple of days. But now that I’ve actually had a chance to look over the incredible array of writers and features the conference is offering, I’m giving a second thought to my initial trepidations about spending.

You can buy an individual day’s pass is $125 or an entire weekend’s worth of writing education and glory for $300 (that’s $100/day and $250/weekend for DePaul students).

Does it seem like a lot?

Consider the fact that you’re getting lectures and workshops and networking opportunities from about a score and a half of successful and published writers who are not going to be available in one place very often outside of a conference setting.

Now the price seems reasonable.

So as one broke, aspiring author to others, I recommend clicking the link above, reading more, and considering attending this conference.

And for the record, I get zero incentive for recommending this, aside from feeling good about sharing the knowledge of this opportunity with you,  beloved UCWbLing readers.

Time to stack up my pennies.


2 Responses to “DePaul Summer Writing Conference”

  1. Amber L. Says:

    Thanks for posting information about the DePaul Summer Writing Conference this weekend, July 15-17, 2011. For those people posting to Twitter, remember to use #writedepaul11. Happy Writing!

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