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New Scrawl Radio Show, 7/8 July 8, 2011

Today’s Scrawl Radio show focused on performance and craft. Performances by host Devin of his award-winning video “the American Dream,” and by first-and-second-place winners of last week’s Flask Fiction. What made this a good listen is that the types and formats of these works were so different.

Listen Below:

The song was a long piece inspired and modeled after Eminem’s famous work “Stan,” and was worked on over an extended period of time. The Flask Fiction works couldn’t have been more different—short character narratives both based on the theme of “The First Time,” written in a timeframe of fifteen minutes while under the influence of alcohol. Now, while “The American Dream” May have also been written while drinking, the processes were still drastically different. It’s always interesting to see how forms of writing can be completely different, and yet all still totally amazing.

If you’re interested in listening to this week’s Scrawl, it’ll be posted here for your aural enjoyment.


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