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Flask Fiction: Round 2! July 16, 2011

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Are you a writer?

Are you twenty-one or older?

Do you like to drink?

Got some free time between 5 and 7 pm tonight?

(Come on, it’s Thursday. You know you do).

Come to Round 2 of Flask Fiction at Lincoln Hall!

In case you haven’t heard the word on the street, Flask Fiction is the perfect marriage between a reading series and happy hour.  Writers are given an hour to drink and mingle, but no pre-writing allowed! The theme is announced just moments before pens and paper are passed out, and writers have fifteen minutes to put their thoughts on the page.

After pens down, everyone is invited to read their fifteen-minute masterpiece before the adoring crowd. Submissions come in a wide range of genres and formats, and run the emotional gamut from hilarious to heartbreaking.

Prizes are awarded (including the very entertaining Honorable Drunk Mention), with the winner getting their piece published on the upcoming Citywide Writers website and read on SCRAWL radio.

Really, though, everyone who writes wins. And why is that? Because you get to feel like a literary rockstar (buzz included). But don’t take my word for it– come on out to 2424 N. Lincoln Avenue tonight at 5pm, and check out Flask Fiction for yourself!


2 Responses to “Flask Fiction: Round 2!”

  1. Mia Amélie Says:

    Oh Flask Fiction… I’m always looking forward to the last Thursday of the month!

    • natdesjardins Says:

      Me too! There may be exciting FF-related news coming soon. Keep an eye on the blog, and I’ll spill when I know more!

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