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Research Team In-Service September 24, 2011

Attention, UCWbLers!

Research Team here! Have you ever wanted to know how students feel about your work as tutors? Have you ever wondered how many tutorials the Writing Center conducts from year-to-year? Are you curious as to what students have to say about the Writing Center after they leave? Then come to the Research Team’s in-service this Friday, September 30th, at 10:00 am!

This in-service will focus specifically on the findings obtained by the Research Team over the course of Summer 2011. We’ve been hard at work analyzing Writing Center statistics, Writing Fellows surveys, and the End of Year Survey, all with the objective of furthering our knowledge of tutoring and deepening our understanding of Writing Center practices. In particular, we will be exploring the ways in which the UCWbL’s growth over the last few years has affected its mission (“to help develop better writers along with better writing”) and its ability to carry out that mission. We will be employing plenty of thoughtful and relevant group discussion, prompted by questions such as:

  • Why is research important within the context of peer writing tutoring?
  • How do you evaluate your success as a tutor?
  • Why is reflection and personal evaluation important?

We’ll also be playing some UCWbL trivia to get everyone more engaged and involved with some of our more important and surprising findings. Finally, we’ll be requesting your input in critiquing our surveys and research methods, so as to improve and expand upon the our work going forward into this academic year. So join us in a celebration of your work as peer tutors and Writing Fellows! We’re counting on all of you to show up and help us make this one of the best in-services of the year (let’s face it—the Research Team really wants to win this year’s Penny Award for Best In-Service). Not to mention all the free food we need you to help us eat!

Thanks to everyone for helping to get Autumn Quarter 2011 off to such a great start! Hope to see you there!

Cordially yours,

– The Research Team


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