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Scrawl Season 3, Episode 3: Ice Cube has a Good Day January 31, 2012

Ice Cube? Good Day? What day, you may ask.  Well click that there fancy link at the bottom and hear for yourself.  As you may have guessed, the Scrawl team gets to the bottom of the age old riddle: What day was this good day Mr. Cube speaks of?  Tom reads an analysis he found on the interweb and pinpoints which day was in fact a good day.  (more…)


Tips For a Successful ELL Tutorial

I’ve never had a conversation partner appointment, but I’d like to think that I’d know what to do with one.  The UCWbL abounds with strategies for a successful conversation partner appointment, and everyone has ideas of what to say, how to say it, and what to encourage.  We hear about it in WRD class, orientation settings, tip-sheets, and from other tutors.  What these tips didn’t prepare me for was a somewhat difficult (and confusing) writing tutorial with an English language learner – and for a paper outside my discipline, no less.  What do you do when communication breaks down in a face-to-face setting with an ELL student, though?  Your focus is different here – their writing, not their speaking – and yet the tutorial’s dependent on clear and informative conversation.  With that in mind, perhaps there is overlap between the conversation partner appointment and the ELL student face-to-face tutorial, and perhaps strategies designed for the former can be applied to the latter. (more…)


“The Deflector” | Episode 2 of The Breakroom January 26, 2012

Charlotte, Dubs, and Zorno are back for the second episode of DePaul’s newest web series of writing center videos, The Breakroom. “The Deflector” addresses the need to establish rapport in a writing fellows conference, along with recognizing some of the red pen scars that writers may bring to a session. Be sure to listen for the brand new original composition, “(If We) Build Rapport,” written and performed by our own Amanda Bryant and Matthew Pearson.

Produced by UCWbL Films, this series offers a humorous look at peer writing tutoring using dramatic scenarios and relevant research. Let us know what you think!


Looking to Get Published? Submit Your Work to Threshold! January 25, 2012

Threshold is DePaul’s premier student-run literary journal, and they’re accepting submissions now for the Spring 2012 issue!  If you’re a poet, a writer, or just someone interested in getting some feedback on your writing, submit your work today!

That’s right – Threshold is offering written feedback (about one paragraph’s worth) for any submission they receive this year.  You can submit one piece for the fiction, creative nonfiction, and dramatic literature categories, and up to 3 pieces to the poetry category.  Artwork and short video submissions are also accepted (and encouraged).  More information is available on the Threshold site.

The deadline for this year is February 10 at 5 pm, so make sure you get your work in on time to have a chance of being published.  Good luck and happy writing!


Scrawl Season 3, Episode 2: Hog Roaster for Sale! January 24, 2012

Hear Ye, Hear Ye!  Sit back, relax, and get ready to dive into the newest episode of Scrawl.

UCWbL Productions Queen, Tracey Hulstein, stops by to chat about the newly posted episode of The Breakroom, an UCWbL Productions web series.  Get the lowdown on the filming, writing, and audacity that goes into the show. And maybe, just maybe, some hidden agendas are unearthed?

After the boys get back from a Beatles break, they dive into the ongoing and serious issue surrounding the banning of ethnic studies in Arizona, and later on are paid a surprise visit from Backwoodsman Jim.

[audio http://dl.dropbox.com/u/15977550/SCRAWL%20episodes/Scrawl%20S3E2.mp3]

Our Books, Ourselves

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Question time: would you think less of someone for reading a certain book or kind of book?  Might you form an opinion about the person sitting across from you on the train based on whether they were reading James Joyce or James Patterson?  Reading this great article by Madeleine Crum got me thinking about how genre – in this case, “literary fiction,” a particularly tricky animal – guides our perceptions and preconceptions about a book and, by extension, the person reading it.  What does genre really mean, and what does it mean for the reader?  For instance, to Crum “literary fiction” too often implies a lot of other things about the book – White, Male, European, “modernist,” etc.  It’s also a value judgment, as Crum notes, when we distinguish between “literary fiction” and “genre fiction” (i.e., sci-fi, mystery, horror, and romance).  High-brow and low-brow, in short.  What does this mode of classification mean for us as readers, though? (more…)


UCWbL Event: The Role of Language in Student Organization Development January 23, 2012

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The Faculty Development and Research Team has been working hard for the past few months on our three part series “Writing for the Mission” which has been made possible thanks to the MLK Celebration Awards, the Teaching Commons, and the UCWbL. Our first event, “The Role of Language in Student Organization Development” is this Friday January 27, from 2:30-6:30 in the Lincoln Park Student Center, Room 325. 

This event will be a workshop in which student organizations are invited to bring in their group’s constitutions, marketing materials, and any written work to share with other students. Discussion will focus on how these groups use language in creating their written works and specifically how language is used in creating an inclusive environment for all students.

We hope to see students from several of DePaul’s organizations, so spread the word and invite your friends!

Oh, and as if the discussion on student organization’s use of language wasn’t enough, did I mention that there will also be free pizza AND free t-shirts?! Sounds like the perfect Friday afternoon to me!