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CMWR’s Friday Forum is Back! February 24, 2012

The CMWR’s Friday Forum is up and running for Winter Quarter, and this conversation-based group reads through a short text on different aspects of American culture and analyzes it together. Last week we read an article from DePaul’s student newspaper called “G8/NATO summits, security could cost up to $65 million,” a topic that is especially relevant for us Chicagoans, and invoked great discussion on the impacts that the summits will have on the city. The two previous weeks we worked through an article posted by NPR’s food blog The Salt, titled “Drink Coffee? Off With Your Head!” As a very condensed history relating to the social transformation of coffee, we were able to discuss certain cultural practices, learn a new historical narrative, and pick up some new keywords and concepts (dissent and indecency being two popular themes in the text).

What’s great about the Forum is that the structure isn’t fixed. Because it functions as one large conversation group, we can have open dialogue on how English Language Learners might practice and engage with the English language—and we as native English speakers develop new understandings of both our own culture and cultures around the world. The conversation practice alone is invaluable for someone learning a new language, and the informal group setting provides a fun and relaxed atmosphere. Each quarter we return excited about what we will learn through the Forum and this quarter has not disappointed.

If you are interested in learning more about the Forum, check out our website or email us.


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