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Scrawl Season 3 Episode 9: A Terrifying Tweet? March 15, 2012

Hello, and yes you read that correctly.  Can Twitter be terrifying?  Who would do such a thing?

On this episode of Scrawl, the gang gets the goosebumps and reads a little R.L. Stine.  But what does that have to do with Twitter? Earlier this year, the author of the amazingly horrific children’s book series Goosebumps, R.L. Stine tweeted a story of suspense and horror.  Yes, he tweeted a story!!  Through a series of nine tweets, R.L. shows fans and followers that not only does he still have it, but shows writers that we can use any medium and still create a killer story. (more…)


Check Out Chicago Zine Fest This Weekend March 9, 2012

Looking for something fun and literary to do, or a way to take a breather from finals?  Chicago Zine Fest has a variety of events today and an exhibition at Columbia College tomorrow.  Readings are taking place at various places around the city today, culminating in a party at Quimby’s Bookstore in Wicker Park, and tomorrow’s event will feature a bookfair of local and non-local zine writers as well as panels, film screenings, readings, and more!  What are zines?  They can be anything from stapled booklets to chapbooks to self-published novels to mini-comics – as long as they’re independently-made and incredibly creative!  For more information check out the event site.


MLA adds format for citing tweets March 7, 2012

Great news for social media-savvy UCWbLers – the Modern Language Association has rolled out the correct format for citing a tweet in an academic paper.  If you feel the need to add Kanye West’s deepest thoughts to your next research assignment with perfect evidence of your source, have no fear!  The MLA has your back.


Scrawl S3 E8: Scrawl Rocks Out to Molehill March 6, 2012

On this fine episode of Scrawl, the gang plays a recorded interview with Molehill, a local Chicago band.  They talk about how they write and record their music, as well as how they have grown and evolved as a band.  Oh yeah, and they share a few songs that are amazing!  If you want to find out more about Molehill, check out molehillmusic.com


Toward the end of the show, the gang receives a call from a concerned writer and help him through a rough patch.


Original Air: 3-2-12


What Do I Talk About?: Making the Most of Your Time

As writing center tutors, we want to help writers as much as we can.  We want to make sure that if a writer makes a one-hour appointment (or a half-hour, or two hours), we give them as much help as they require in that hour.  But what happens when you’re halfway through an appointment and you feel like you’ve covered everything?  (Hint: you probably haven’t).  What do you do when the conversation stops dead? (more…)


Scrawl S3 E7: Morgan Haner Gets Scrawled March 5, 2012

In this episode, the gang talks about hog calling, animadversion, The Overton Window,  and Robert tutors Morgan on his resume.  At one point we may have flirted with disaster, but reluctantly avoided said disaster.

Original Air Date: 2-24-12


Bridging the Digital Divide with Raspberry Pi March 3, 2012

Raspberry Pi, a  computer that costs only £22 and sold out within hours of its launch in Britain, makes computers more affordable than ever. So does the $35 Aakash tablet being produced in India. Unfortunately, cheaper devices do not translate into cheaper internet access, especially for broadband here in the United States. (more…)