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Photos from the 2012 Peer Tutor & Mentor Summit April 28, 2012

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Thanks to the UCWbL’s Outreach Team for an awesome 2012 Peer Tutor and Mentor Summit!

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National Poetry Month: “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice” April 27, 2012

This week’s installment for National Poetry Month is the ballad “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice” by Goethe, a man best known for his contributions to literature as well as poetry, science and philosophy. Written in 1797, “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice” was adapted as a symphonic poem by Paul Dukas  for Walt Disney’s 1940 movie Fantasia (listen to a sample here), where the apprentice is none other than Mickey Mouse. You can watch the acclaimed, dialogue-free animation in its entirety here. Watch the clip after reading the poem to decide how true to the original text you find the adaptation. (more…)


A Taste of Culture in Chicago’s Chinatown

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Have you visited Chinatown yet?  You should!

Chinatown is one of those neighborhoods that allows you to feel transported; you can pretend you are in a different country and not just a different neighborhood.  Stepping off the Chicago Red Line you will find yourself greeted by the famous “Nine-Dragon Wall “– nine is a lucky number in China.  There are three of these famous, elaborate murals in China and only one in the United States.  Head up to Wentworth Street, and a left will take you into Old China Town, introduced by the dramatic “Dragon Gate” and filled with shops and restaurants.  A right will take you towards New China Town’s Zodiac square where you can use your birth year to identify under which animal in the Chinese Zodiac you were born.  The square is picturesque and full of shops and restaurants.  (more…)


Quick Questions: On Apostrophes April 26, 2012

Part of our work at the Writing Center includes responding to “Quick Questions” asked by writers from within and beyond the DePaul community. By posting the questions from writers and answers crafted by our tutors, we hope you just might discover the answer to a question you have always wanted (or never thought) to ask!


Where do I use the apostrophe?

I wanted to ensure our teams win.

Is it team’s win or teams’ win? Or do I not use one? (more…)


WRITE CLUB will infuse your life with meaning April 25, 2012

I can see you now: despondent, lonely, doubtless trundling unlikely amounts of ice cream into your trembling food hole. You reach weakly for your notebook/laptop/what have you in a feeble attempt to convince yourself that you are still a writer. You hand falls limp and instead plunges into a bag of Doritos. The blue kind—blue, the color of true depression.

“There’s no writerly community,” you moan, “what’s this ‘writing’ to come to, anyway? If only there were some way that my talents could be energized, turning from a private affair to a captivating, electrifying spectacle that could grab a room and let them know the off-the-chain mad awesome shit that I could drop. Oh, were this world different! I guess I’ll just stay here and watch more Doctor Who. I wonder why all the aliens go straight to London.” Your soul aches for something more. Something like WRITE CLUB.

It’s been a long time since you felt fulfilled. It’s been a long time since the magic of language filled your heart and you lifted your twisted arms to the heavens, vibrating like some sort of cosmic tuning fork with those mystic frequencies of joy and beauty. I can make it happen again. I know where your passion for literature and creativity comes crashing into your physical world like a goddamn magic missile. But you don’t need to roll your d4 to know this magic missile’s a critical hit—I’m talking about








When to Judge: on Evaluation in Tutorials April 24, 2012

I try not to be too evaluative in my tutorials (or even my Written Feedback).  Of course, there’s always a time to reassure the writer that they’re on the right track, or that some turn of phrase is well done and should be retained, even exploited or learned from.  There’s also the awareness, though, that placing a value judgment or (heaven forbid) a letter grade on someone else’s work isn’t my job.  For one thing, what if the professor disagrees with me and I’ve now misled the student into thinking their work is one thing, when it’s really being graded as another?  Far more importantly: did the writer come in for a pat on the head, or for constructive criticism and help? (more…)


Tutoring with Visual Rhetoric April 21, 2012

Last Friday my fellow Faculty Development and Research team members and I explored our artsy-fartsy sides with an inservice titled “Tutoring with Visual Rhetoric” in preparation for the First Year Writing Showcase (FYWS).  For those of you who don’t know what the FYWS is, let me offer a brief explanation. The FYWS honors the work students have done in their first year program classes such as first-year writing, liberal studies, quantitative reasoning, and focal point seminars. Over the past few weeks  interested students submitted their work to a panel of judges who are now in the process of selecting the most exceptional entries to display at the Showcase.

So, how does this affect you as a Writing Center Tutor? Chosen applicants are required to make an appointment with tutors to talk about converting their work into a visually appealing poster presentation, and you must be ready to help them! (more…)