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Scrawl Season 4 Episode 6: Scrawl Gets Haner-ed May 22, 2012

Boy are you in for a treat! Scrawl Radio, once again, is graced with the musical stylings of the one and only, Morgan Haner.  Promoting his new album “War and Cocaine,” set to release June 20th, Morgan talks with us about writing the album. What started as a five song EP turned into a full length, eleven-track album, and Morgan walks through how he went through the constant writing, recording, editing, mixing, and producing of this album–yeah, he did it all himself!


Join Scrawl and Morgan Haner on June 20th at Uncommon Ground on Devon at 9:00 pm for his next show!


Morgan and his music are available via Morgan Haner Music Bandcamp and Morgan Haner Music Facebook.

Please enjoy one of our favorite shows, yet!

Original Air Date: 5-18-12


One Response to “Scrawl Season 4 Episode 6: Scrawl Gets Haner-ed”

  1. Abby Says:

    Really enjoyed this one! You should have a musical guest every show, that would be awesome. Or continue to mix it up, whatever you choose will probably work out the best. Also, Morgan, I like your album title.

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