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Hot Topics in Writing Explores Writing Taboos June 6, 2012

Matt and Mo investigate the seamy side of the written word with their Taboo Topics in Writing episode. First, Tracey H. and Matthew F. divulge their most perilous stories of when writing turns bad situations worse. Then Mo and Matt tackle the toughest questions about writing on the internet. Why isn’t it discussed? What can we learn from Youtube comments? And what the hell was that guy even trying to say?! They team up with Scrawl Radio’s own Mark L. to get to the heart of the matter.


4 Responses to “Hot Topics in Writing Explores Writing Taboos”

  1. markalazio Says:

    Some great work here! I must say Tracey and Matthew were awesome and very entertaining: that last chap, not so much. This seems like it could be a great collection of short stories; an UCWbL collection of bad situations with writing, maybe?

    -Mark L

  2. DePaul UCWbL Says:

    Wow, that was alot darker than I thought it would be. These stories seem to embody the very cusps of how writing can get you into trouble. It brought back alot of memories of past school. During 8th Grade, I illustrated a Comic Book series about my class….my teacher saw how I “Portrayed” her and confiscated it immeadiatly….On the flip side, in high school I illustrated a comic book of my science teacher as a renegade samurai, decapating ninjas in the meiji era….he loved it! In terms of this podcast, I expected this to be alot more writingish. In terms of education value, there was not much there….but it sure was entertaining!

  3. Abby Says:

    Hey guys, excellent show! The section where you read the craigslist ads was great and reminded me of a time in which a good friend of mine did just that. Unfortunately, it failed miserably for him. Oh well. In regards to younger generations writing much sooner in their lives, I think it is great that they are writing, but I do think that it can be harmful in that they pick up practices such as continuously misspelling words. My younger sister received a cell phone recently and she texts me quite a bit, but I am always correcting her spelling since her shorthand is awful. Do you think there is a way to combat misspelling and other sentence level issues in our youth while still promoting writing at a younger age?

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