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The Art of Revision October 17, 2012

I am a writer. I write — and up until last year, I absolutely, under no circumstances, did not re-write. (more…)


Get Busy This Friday, Next Friday, and the Friday After Next

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This Friday, you might actually get some work done.

The Writing Center is now open on Fridays, in the Loop, from 12 to 5.

Come visit us in the Loop Campus, in Lewis 1600.  Or make an appointment in advance.


Making Money Through Writing: Fact or Fiction? October 16, 2012

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For a while now I have been asking myself how I can make a career out of my writing. My immediate answer would be to write novels and short stories. However, I am not naive enough to think that that will be able to keep a roof over my head and food in the fridge, not to mention in my tummy, without some other means of supporting myself. So what other skills have I learned over the last four years that will allow me to get a job that I will not absolutely hate but still allow me to write?



The Unpaid Internship – Cruel and Unusual or Necessary Evil?

Unfairness, thy name is unpaid internship. During one conversation appointment this week, I fell into something of a difficulty: having to explain why I had done so many unpaid internships. My conversation partner, a finance graduate student, had already had a paid internship with an ample (if not exactly generous) stipend, and thought it was strange when I said I’d never had a paid internship. In the past four years, I’ve worked for several companies in several roles, but always unpaid and always with a paying retail or office job on the side so I wouldn’t run my bank account into the ground. I’ve spoken with other students in humanities or writing programs over the past few years and many of them reported similar experiences (with the exception of those who only did unpaid internships and let the budgetary chips fall where they may). I’m willing to bet that most of our readers in LA&S can relate, and most science or business students are thinking I’m crazy for accepting unpaid work. For me, the question becomes: why does the unpaid internship seem to be only the plague of humanities or writing-based fields? Does it actually do anything, other than drain our bank accounts? And what can we do to change it? (more…)


Blogging on Blogging October 15, 2012

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Blogs, blogging and bloggers all have a certain stigma attached to them. From “bored housewives” to “creepy internet stalkers”, the blog world usually gets a bad reputation. And as a writer of not only this blog, but my own NBA one, I could not be more confused.

First off, because of the vast flexibility within the domain, I find it difficult to even try and categorize blogging. A blogger could be anyone from a fifth grade student to a CEO to a professional athlete to my grandmother. Posts are written on millions of different topics, even varying within one website alone. And blogs could appear on mediums from online publications, to newspapers, to social media sites and beyond.

But there is one thing that all blogs embody: writing. (more…)


Life at the UCWbL: The Before, the After, and the In Between

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People, papers, and red pens. This is what we new tutors envisioned going into the application process to become a Writing Center Tutor. Because the application process consisted of correcting a sample paper, we naturally came to the conclusion that we were going to be doing just that. We received an email from the UCWbL urging writers from all across the University to apply for a tutoring position. The rest, as the tired and true saying goes, was history. As we wrote our essays and reached out for recommendations, we questioned what we were getting ourselves into. We didn’t have the time or the energy to take on this job — or did we? (more…)


Banned Books: Thinking Outside the Our Borders October 12, 2012

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Most of us have heard  by now of the many books that Americans have tried to get banned—and have even succeeded in banning—over the years.  Some of us even know of books that have been banned simultaneously in the U.S. and in other countries, such as Vladimir Nabokov’s Lolita.  However, we are just one country in this giant world, and it seldom occurs to us to think of the writers and works being censored and banned across the globe. (more…)