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More Banned Books Week Reflections: Ban Book Banning October 19, 2012

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The first week of October is one of my favorites. I love the coming of fall, Halloween, and pumpkin spice lattes at Starbucks. I also love the idea of an entire week dedicated to celebrating reading–and not just any reading, but the reading of banned books. I’ve never been much of a rebel, but this week is definitely one that even makes me want to break the rules. (more…)


New Tutors on Tutoring: Banned Books Week & Dumb Cynicism October 11, 2012

Throughout the first few weeks of my involvement in the Writing Center, much of my attention has been devoted to familiarizing myself with UCWbL logistics and becoming comfortable within this wonderfully collaborative new work environment. After several work shifts, I finally started to feel completely at ease with all the procedures and felt like I had a grasp on everyone’s name. Yes, I was feeling like a regular UCWbL scholar with my tutor logs completed and all the “minimalism” term-dropping in regular conversation. Until one day tutor and Outreach team member Jen F. unexpectedly invited me to help her run the Banned Books Week table in the Student Center, and my perception of the Writing Center took an astronomical 180˚. (more…)


Scrawl Season 5 Episode 2: (Radio Edit) October 2, 2012

Robert sits down with Heather Jagman, DePaul University’s Coordinator of Library Instruction, to talk about the importance of Banned Books Week.  Heather talks about her experience in grade school and not having a public library in her town and how that motivated her interest in library science.


We discuss book banning in public institutions such as schools and libraries, and Heather gives us some background on the origins of Banned Books Week.


Also, Robert gives us the Top 10 list of challenged books of 2011.


Original Air Date:  9-28-2012

(Due to technical difficulties, we are unable to post the audio from this episode.)


DePaul’s Banned Books Week Events (Doesn’t Include Banning Books) September 27, 2012

Banned Books Week runs September 30 through October 6. Along with DePaul University Libraries we are celebrating free speech all week long! See the details after the jump. (more…)


Happy Thirtieth Anniversary, Banned Books Week! September 11, 2012

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Banned Books Week is observing its thirtieth anniversary at the end of the month, and we at the UCWbL will be hosting some great events during this annual weeklong celebration highlighting the freedom to read and intellectual freedom advocacy. To briefly relate how Banned Books Week began, in 1982, Judith Krug, resident of nearby Evanston and the Director of the American Library Associations Office of Intellectual Freedom, founded Banned Books Week after years spent advising librarians on challenges to their materials. (more…)


Why Can’t Shakespeare Go to Jail?: Thoughts on Literature Banned from American Prisons October 17, 2011

Banned Books Week is an annual time to recognize and contemplate the “objectionable” literature in America: texts that sects of society have deemed morally, religiously, sexually, racially, whatever-it-may-be-ly reprehensible.



Banned Books Week 2011 October 7, 2011

The UCWbL Outreach Team would like to thank everybody who joined us in our celebration of Banned Books Week! On Monday, September 26 at DePaul’s Loop campus we kicked off Banned Books Week by reading banned and challenged books and engaging in a riveting CMWR-hosted discussion of the history of and the current trends in the ever evolving world of censorship.