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Preventing Tutor Fatigue November 8, 2011

We’ve all had it happen.  You’ve had four face-to-face appointments so far today, your eyes hurt from staring at your computer screen, and in walks your next writer.  You want to give them your best and help them with this paper, but it feels like your head is going to explode if you have to explain the difference between a passive and active verb again.  You bite back a groan and get up to meet them.  You forget why you’re tutoring and just want to go home and take a nap.  Like I said, it happens to the best of us: tutor fatigue. (more…)


Coffee? Maybe you should sleep on it… October 6, 2010

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We’re in Week Four of classes at DePaul University, and you know what that means: coffee!  With midterms just around the corner, students are more likely to meet their coffee maker in order to survive those last-minute all-nighters.  But how much caffeine is too much? (more…)