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Get Help with Digication ePortfolios: a brand-new resource! May 4, 2012

Maybe you’re a student who recently had to create an ePortfolio for a class, or maybe you’re an instructor, and your colleagues just won’t stop raving about the benefits ePortfolios bring to a class. Perhaps you’re even one of those ePortfolio enthusiasts yourself.  No matter who you are, you’ll find something useful among our latest batch of ePortfolio resources.



Sitting on Top of the World: How to Think Like an Administrator March 2, 2012

I’m gonna let you in on a secret.  You might not notice it as you and your tutor talk about your paper, but around this time of year, there’s a lot going on in the back of her mind.  This is when all of us UCWbLers must begin thinking seriously about our UCWbL portfolio–a capstone for the year’s work, and what our directors call the most genuine picture of our growth, both as tutors and as members of a larger community of creatives and scholars. (more…)


Top 5 Ways to Jazz Up your Digication e-Portfolio November 5, 2011

So, most of my posts here on UCWbLing have been committed to DePaul’s fave portfolio tool: Digication. But, with finals week just around the corner (breathe), I thought I’d put out the cliff notes version of my Digication tips/observations. So, without further ado, here are my…Top 5 Ways to Jazz Up your Digication e-Portfolio!



Scrawl 8/12 August 12, 2011

Hello, Scrawl Nation!

Looking to break into the world of journalism but aren’t sure where to start? UCWbL Fellow Maureen “Mo” Clancy gives us the lowdown on life as an editorial intern at NewCity. Bored by everything on your bookshelf? Hillary Duff’s debut novel provides an Elixir for even the bluest of summer blues on this week’s Snooki’s Corner. Feeling confident about your vocabulary? This week’s Word of the Day might just blow your mind. Whatever you’re looking for this weekend, Scrawl’s got it all!

Scrawl airs in real time every Friday at 11am central on Radio DePaul.


Digicational: Teaching and Learning with Digication May 16, 2011

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This year, I joined the UCWbL team at DePaul’s 16th Annual Teaching and Learning Conference to present my e-portfolio with my fellow Digicators. Faculty drawn to the conference from across the university had the opportunity to browse the various e-portfolios on display and direct Digication questions to the presenters of each digital portfolio.  Consequently, many of the conversations I found myself engaged in had to do with my experience with class sites on Digication. Admittedly, I’ve only had one class with a page on Digication instead of D2L, but upon reflecting and investigating class e-pages, I’ve found many that prove Digication to be full of helpful tools for both professors and students. (more…)


Digicational: Incorporating Images April 21, 2011

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The approach of spring quarter midterms means tests, stress, but also e-portfolios! Whether you’re thinking of your WRD portfolios or job hunting come June graduation, it might be time to look to Digication for your e-portfolio needs. While browsing the pages viewable to digicators in the DePaul community, I found a great many portfolios designed by prospective teachers like Lindsey Stow.** E-portfolios, of course, are an effective tool for professionals looking to showcase their experiences in a way that is much more in depth than a brief resume.

That said, one element that made Lindsey’s profile stand out to me was her professional use of images throughout her portfolio. (more…)


Kalamazoo and Assessment Too March 5, 2011

You would never guess from the buzz and chatter at the 33rd East Central Writing Center Association Conference this weekend (March 3-5, 2011) that peer writing tutor programs have a fraught history with the idea of assessment.

Kim Ballard, the fearless director of Western Michigan University’s Writing Center, and her team created a dynamic (more…)