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Income is as Income Does? October 19, 2011

Last week I was at the Lincoln Park Campus in McGaw Hall, my favorite building for intellectual stimulation. Home of the English Department, the Department of Modern Languages, and let’s not forget the UCWbL, McGaw has always struck me as a place for open (more…)


Ill it er ah see: A Look at a Fundamental Problem in U.S. Education October 5, 2011

Note: The writer apologizes for the cheesiness of this post; it could not be helped.

The United States has failed in educating much of its population. In 2003, the U.S. Department of Education conducted its most recent comprehensive look at literacy levels in the United States. Twenty-two percent of American adults occupied the range of “Below Basic” literacy, an 8% jump since their last study in 1992. Further, thirty-three percent were in the “Basic Literacy” category, which is not as literate as one would hope. Indeed, the study placed participants who could do (more…)


What Experience “Made a Writer Out of YOU?” September 21, 2011

As we approach The National Day of Writing on October 20, it seems timely to look back on the experiences that brought us to cultivate our skills as writers, and hopefully, led us to love the activity. This is not to try to answer the eternal question “Are writers made or born?”  At this point in our development, does it matter? And besides, even if we were born to write, we still need to become aware of it. For each of us, there was some liberating experience that set us off on the writer’s path – What was yours? (more…)


Live Mocha June 24, 2011

Last week I told you guys about SharedTalk. Apparently, another free site with similar goals but different features exists as well, known as LiveMocha.com.
Live Mocha is another site where you can practice a foreign language and help others to practice too. What’s different about Live Mocha is that not only does it have the communications/talk feature, but it also has lessons and tests for those looking to actually study a NEW language. For the written and spoken versions of these tests, native speakers can review what you write and say and evaluate it, give you tips, or just connect with you as a conversation partner.



DePaul Summer Writing Conference June 20, 2011

Hey there, lovers of writing. Summer is underway (despite what the ambiguous weather may suggest), which also means that DePaul’s Summer Writing Conference is going to be coming up next month, July 15-17th. (more…)


Digication Now A Google App March 1, 2011

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According to Digication’s blog, as of January 25th, the Digication e-portfolio is now a Google App. (more…)