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CMWR’s Friday Forum is Back! February 24, 2012

The CMWR’s Friday Forum is up and running for Winter Quarter, and this conversation-based group reads through a short text on different aspects of American culture and analyzes it together. Last week we read an article from DePaul’s student newspaper called “G8/NATO summits, security could cost up to $65 million,” a topic that is especially relevant for us Chicagoans, and invoked great discussion on the impacts that the summits will have on the city. (more…)


Friday Forums in the Loop October 19, 2011

On Sept. 30,  the Collaborative for Multilingual Writing and Research (CMWR) held its first Friday Forum of the Fall. As a new CMWR member, I was eager to partake in the meeting. One of the purposes of Friday Forums is for multilingual writers to meet with one another and discuss articles pertaining to language, writing and culture. In the past, these meetings have covered a wide array of topics ranging from people’s perspectives on politically correct language to immigrants’ struggles on the borderlands to addressing whether men or women tend to dominate conversations. (more…)