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Research Team Presents In-Service, Crowd Goes Wild September 30, 2011

This morning the Research Team led the second in-service of the autumn quarter.  For the past year the Team has been assessing the effectiveness of UCWbL practices and programs.  And since you, the tutors, fellows, and staff members, are the people daily implementing these practices and programs, we figured it was about time we let you know how you’ve been doing. (more…)


Research Team In-Service September 24, 2011

Attention, UCWbLers!

Research Team here! Have you ever wanted to know how students feel about your work as tutors? Have you ever wondered how many tutorials the Writing Center conducts from year-to-year? Are you curious as to what students have to say about the Writing Center after they leave? Then come to the Research Team’s in-service this Friday, September 30th, at 10:00 am! (more…)