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How I Learned to Shut Up and Be a Tutor October 11, 2011

My first experiences with shadowing another tutor were understandably nerve-wracking.  Having never tutored in any context before, I wasn’t quite sure how an academic tutorial would go, or what part I’d play in it.  To make matters worse, I wasn’t even doing proper tutoring yet!  I was tasked with shadowing a tutorial, making my role in the situation even more muddled.  What was I supposed to do or say?  I was ready to observe but what if someone asked my opinion or expected me to participate?  Just to be safe, I looked over what the writer had said about their paper on MyWCOnline before the appointment.  I tried to give the tutorial a general outline in my head and guess what the writer would want to work on and how to respond.  Finally, I thought about how to strike a balance between observing and contributing to the tutorial, keeping in mind that there was a much more experienced tutor that should really be worrying about these things. (more…)