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Tales of a New Tutor September 21, 2012

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Meet Allana. 23 years old. Born and raised in Chicago, Illinois. Completely terrified, yet totally excited about becoming a tutor here at DePaul University’s Center for Writing-based Learning. (more…)


I’m a Writing Center Tutor – Now What? September 20, 2011

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Even though I’m only at the start of my career as a new DePaul University Writing Center tutor, it feels like I’ve been getting on-the-job training all my life.  Sitting in the “new tutors” class or around the Loop and Lincoln Park offices, I’ve already noticed that the conversation inevitably swings toward past writing experiences, past jobs, majors and interests.  After listening to several of my classmates describe how they write, I realized that although I’m just beginning my tenure as a tutor, my everyday life as a writer has been more-than-adequate preparation. (more…)