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Hot Topics in Writing: Rage Against the Writing Machine May 3, 2012

The Hot Topics in Writing team has found a way to talk about prewriting that won’t put you to sleep! In this episode, Matt and Mo explore the surprisingly simple side of prewriting. We discovered that preparing for a paper can be helpful and easy if approached as a simple tool and not as some obtuse writing  machine. We talk to Colin S., a Writing  Center Tutor and Fellow, about ways to make prewriting save you time. Then, Claire Rooney, one of our own Graduate Assistants, tells us about how preparing for a paper can reduce much of the anxiety associated with it. Finally, Matt and Mo debut their new segment called “Off-Topic!” In it, they wrestle with the idea of Grammar Nazism, and how important grammar actually is in our everyday lives. Also, SANDCASTLES! What do we mean? There’s only one way to find out…


Scrawl Season 4 Episode 2: What’s a Podcast? May 1, 2012

You waited, and it is here! The second episode of, yes, our fourth season! Tune in to the dandy little audio file below to listen as Scrawl talks podcasting.  No, not casting pods, but the audio sensation that’s sweeping the nation.  We talk with Hot Topics in Writing, the UCWbL’s very own fly podcast team!

Hot Topics members Mo and Matt share their insider knowledge about the world of Podcasting.  They also play a few clips for us and talk about their future projects.

Air Date: 4-20-12


Prelude to Hot Topics in Writing, Season 2 February 28, 2011

Hot Topics in Writing, the UCWbL’s spellbinding podcast series, is making a glorious return to the Information Superhighway this academic year. Katie K. and Caylie S., the hosts of this prelude to Season 2, introduce themselves and reacquaint listeners to the purposes and goals of the UCWbL generally and Hot Topics in Writing specifically. They also speak with writing center tutors Ryan K. and Jenny A. about the use of the the personal “I” in academic writing and the limitations of the five paragraph essay structure. Listen to the Prelude to Hot Topics in Writing Season 2 right here: