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Paperback 4ever: A Reader’s Manifesto May 22, 2012

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I will be the first to admit that I’m a proud techie.  Gadgets, blogs, e-readers, and all things digital – bring them on.  But with reading, it’s a little different.  Even with an iPad and easy access to e-books, I just can’t give up my paperbacks.  I tried going digital, tried buying up classics from the 99cent page, tried downloading new releases instead of paying twice as much for them in-store, but for books that I really care about, digital isn’t even an option.  I need the book in hand, in tote bag, in cafés and on couches and with me for the long haul.  This isn’t a rant against readers who prefer digital – sometimes, in certain cases, I’m one of them – but in praise of traditional books and everything they offer.  People like to say print is dead, but the digital revolution has, if anything, made me more aware of how dependent I am on “slow media” and how I’m really, deeply, insanely in love with books. (more…)


Serial Reader November 1, 2011

It never fails.  Finals approaching, deadlines hanging in the air, more projects to do than I can actually hold in my head at one time, and what do I do?  Start a new book that’s totally unrelated to my classes.  It could be stress relief or denial or simply habit but when the going gets tough, I retreat into my living room with tea and a good book. (more…)