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The Presidency Is Being Campaigned For! Politics and the Power of the Passive Voice June 27, 2011

Americans will choose their next president on November 6, 2012.  Although this is many months away, the campaign for the presidency is already in full swing.  Each candidate seems to be promising that he or she will stand out among the competitors, but I guarantee you that one thing will be uniform across the political spectrum: the popularity of the passive voice. (more…)


Quick Questions — On Journaling for a Class June 22, 2011

Question: I am writing a journal for one of my classes.  Normally when I write a journal I write as if I am speaking out loud or tell a story.  My instructor reviewed my journal and stated there was a problem with my diction becasue I an using descriptions of myself.  She suggested I check with the writing center on problems when using casual diction.  She noted that was the major problem with journal.  I have written journals before and never had this problem.  Can you clarify for me the problems she is refering to in regards to casual diction?

Response: Casual language is fine for many things, and I can see why you would approach a journal with that tone. Of course, if the professor says you’re writing too casually, then you must be writing too casually, so let’s look at ways to change that.



For elevated language, FB M-W! October 6, 2010

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Open Writing Center appointments are as scarce as golden tickets lately.  As due dates approach and new assignments hit the table, WConline is accumulating more hits of its own as students check for that time-slot to go from baby blue to bright white. If you’re wait-listed and hoping for that opening notification, or if you’re abusing the refresh button, fingers crossed for new results, why not use that time waiting for the window to load as an opportunity to expand your vocabulary and improve your writing by logging on to… Facebook? (more…)


Cite this September 21, 2010

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One of the best online resources for writers I’ve come across recently is a website called BibMe. Using Bibme,  writers can craft bibliographies for their papers very quickly–and best of all–for free.  BibMe can even find the citation information for the book you’re citing (be careful to make sure you’re citing the correct edition). The site supports the following formats: MLA, APA, Chicago, and Tubarian. NB: the APA format style has not yet been updated to reflect the sixth edition of the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association as of this posting.