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Scrawl Season 5 Episode 2: (Radio Edit) October 2, 2012

Robert sits down with Heather Jagman, DePaul University’s Coordinator of Library Instruction, to talk about the importance of Banned Books Week.  Heather talks about her experience in grade school and not having a public library in her town and how that motivated her interest in library science.


We discuss book banning in public institutions such as schools and libraries, and Heather gives us some background on the origins of Banned Books Week.


Also, Robert gives us the Top 10 list of challenged books of 2011.


Original Air Date:  9-28-2012

(Due to technical difficulties, we are unable to post the audio from this episode.)


Scrawl Season 5, Episode 1: Inaugural Address September 28, 2012

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Welcome back Scrawlers and Scrawlettes!

Opening up this new season of Scrawl Radio, is our very own Lauri Deitz, the director of DePaul’s University Center for Writing-based Learning (UCWbL). She joins us today to give us a Word of the Day and to discuss the UCWbL’s mission statement and goals for the year. We also take a look back at last year and the feedback we received from writers who visited the writing center.

Scrawl Season 5, Episode 1: Inaugural Address

Original Air Date:  9-21-2012