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Scrawl Season 5 Episode 2: (Radio Edit) October 2, 2012

Robert sits down with Heather Jagman, DePaul University’s Coordinator of Library Instruction, to talk about the importance of Banned Books Week.  Heather talks about her experience in grade school and not having a public library in her town and how that motivated her interest in library science.


We discuss book banning in public institutions such as schools and libraries, and Heather gives us some background on the origins of Banned Books Week.


Also, Robert gives us the Top 10 list of challenged books of 2011.


Original Air Date:  9-28-2012

(Due to technical difficulties, we are unable to post the audio from this episode.)


Scrawl Season 5, Episode 1: Inaugural Address September 28, 2012

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Welcome back Scrawlers and Scrawlettes!

Opening up this new season of Scrawl Radio, is our very own Lauri Deitz, the director of DePaul’s University Center for Writing-based Learning (UCWbL). She joins us today to give us a Word of the Day and to discuss the UCWbL’s mission statement and goals for the year. We also take a look back at last year and the feedback we received from writers who visited the writing center.

Scrawl Season 5, Episode 1: Inaugural Address

Original Air Date:  9-21-2012


Scrawl Season 4 Episode 8: Scrawl Signs off with some Snookie June 14, 2012

Greetings all ye lovers of Scrawl!

After some viewer feedback about our famous segment “Snookie’s Corner,” we thought to ourselves why not give our beloved fans what they want and dedicate an entire show to Snookie’s Corner! 


Mark, Tom, and Robert picked three of our best books yet.  We explore sexuality and relationships with men in Gia Spumanti’s life, the character in Nicole “Snookie” Polizzi’s Gorilla Beach.  Ethan Hawke’s The Hottest State offers us some great discussion about reliability in your narrator, as well as the narrator’s voice and tone.  And finally, things get weird, for Tom at least (which weirds out Robert and Mark), in our discussion of a young teens trip through puberty and sexuality in Pamela Anderson’s Star.


We also read some Tweets from Indie Hulk, play some awesome music, and close out by talking about Michael Showalter’s “The Apartment,” which offers us some great insights into how to avoid sounding like a young, inexperienced writer.


Thank you all for a great year and we will see you in the fall.  From Scrawl, sayonara and have a great summer!

Air Date: 6-1-12


Scrawl S4E7: Tom Puts on His Writing Shorts May 29, 2012

Warning: The audio content below is both entertaining and informative. Listen at your discretion.

Have you ever seen a movie and thought Hey, I can do that! Well according to Tom, you can!  On this episode of Scrawl, Tracey joins the guys in a fabulous discussion about screenwriting.  We talk about what screenwriting is, how it functions, as well as what should and should not be included in a screenplay.  Tom gives his advice on what works and what doesn’t, and Tracey and Robert talk about their recent introduction to the genre.  Toward the end of the program, Tom puts on his writing shorts as the gang does a table read of one of his original screenplays Pinewood.


If you enjoy writing screenplays, have ever thought about writing screenplays, or just plain love movies and television shows and want to know more about how they are written, this is the episode for you!




Scrawl Season 4 Episode 6: Scrawl Gets Haner-ed May 22, 2012

Boy are you in for a treat! Scrawl Radio, once again, is graced with the musical stylings of the one and only, Morgan Haner.  Promoting his new album “War and Cocaine,” set to release June 20th, Morgan talks with us about writing the album. What started as a five song EP turned into a full length, eleven-track album, and Morgan walks through how he went through the constant writing, recording, editing, mixing, and producing of this album–yeah, he did it all himself!


Join Scrawl and Morgan Haner on June 20th at Uncommon Ground on Devon at 9:00 pm for his next show!


Morgan and his music are available via Morgan Haner Music Bandcamp and Morgan Haner Music Facebook.

Please enjoy one of our favorite shows, yet!

Original Air Date: 5-18-12


Scrawl Season 4 Episode 5: Forgot About S.C.R.A.W.L. May 15, 2012

This week on Scrawl, your boys discussed the evolution and evaluation of rap music; why it gets a bad rap (I know it’s a pun, ya wanna fight about it?) and why it’s one of the last true forms of lyrical music. Tom also gives his two-cents on his former namesake, Against Me! vocalist Tom Gabel, who recently came out to Rolling Stone as transgender.

Respek, son. (*pours out brass monkey for MCA*)

Air Date: 5-11-12


Scrawl S4E4: At Least Tobey Maguire Isn’t In It May 8, 2012

Good afternoon (or good morning (or good evening) depending on when you are reading this)!

Whether you are stumbling on our latest episode or tuning in on purpose, you are in for a treat! Scrawl takes out its masks and capes for a Supertastic episode.  In light of the recent release of the The Avengers, the guys soar into some marvelous conversation about superhero and comic book writing.  After talking about the writing of comic books, and the legitimacy of them, the guys talk about how super hero comic books have been adapted to film.

Air Date: 5-4-12


Scrawl S4E3: Everything’s Coming Up Simpsons! May 1, 2012

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Have you found yourself saying “D’oh?” Is your dad a big wheel down at the cracker factory?  Have you ever wondered what Duff Beer tastes like?  Does your favorite family consist of five dysfunctional yellow people?  If you answered yes to any of these, go ahead and click play below!

On this episode of Scrawl, the guys dive into The Simpsons and get their four-fingered hands dirty with some great discussion.  Get their top-ten list of the best supporting characters, the low down on how The Simpsons changed television, and why the writing is so damn good.

Air Date: 4-27-12


Scrawl Season 4 Episode 2: What’s a Podcast?

You waited, and it is here! The second episode of, yes, our fourth season! Tune in to the dandy little audio file below to listen as Scrawl talks podcasting.  No, not casting pods, but the audio sensation that’s sweeping the nation.  We talk with Hot Topics in Writing, the UCWbL’s very own fly podcast team!

Hot Topics members Mo and Matt share their insider knowledge about the world of Podcasting.  They also play a few clips for us and talk about their future projects.

Air Date: 4-20-12


Scrawl Season 4, Episode 1: Scrawl gets spooky! April 20, 2012

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Hello Scrawl lovers!  Yes you are in for a spook with this rendition of Scrawl Radio.  Well, not really, but we do celebrate Friday the 13th and all it’s spooktastic glory!

Join us as we talk about some of our favorite scary stories.  Mark shares a clip of “The Raven” as seen on The Simpsons; Robert reads an excerpt from Frankenstein; Tom, in a very horrible fashion, reads an excerpt from It, which scares the hell out of Mark.

Afterwards, Tracey challenges the gang to write a flash fiction scary story about “soap.”  Come on in and listen!

Air Date: 4-13-12