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New Scrawl Radio Show, 7/8 July 8, 2011

Today’s Scrawl Radio show focused on performance and craft. Performances by host Devin of his award-winning video “the American Dream,” and by first-and-second-place winners of last week’s Flask Fiction. What made this a good listen is that the types and formats of these works were so different.

Listen Below:



Chicago poetry slams, live and on film February 6, 2011

Slam poets and buffs converge every Sunday around 7pm at the Green Mill Jazz Club in Chicago for weekly poetry slams. American poet Marc Smith has been organizing this weekly event since 1984.  TimeOut Chicago calls the slam poetry here “some of the finest in the city.”

Louder than a Bomb, a documentary about teens competing in WBEZ’s annual poetry slam competition, is continuing its run at the Gene Siskel Film Center this Monday through Wednesday (shows at 6 and 8 pm). See more for the trailer. (more…)