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The Best Part of Summer: Summer Reading May 15, 2012

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With Spring Quarter winding down and the weather approaching something we might be able to call “summery” (because, let’s face it, it’s the best we’re going to get as Chicagoans), I’m starting to feel like reading for myself again.  As a kid I was always happy for summer to come around; no class meant a lot of free time to myself, and absolute freedom in my reading choices.  In college and when class is in session – and especially when you’re an English major like me – it’s hard to justify reading for pleasure.  We already have a lengthy reading list from our professors to get through.  While reading and feeling enamored of Super Sad True Love Story for a class and realizing how much I miss reading on my own, however, I started drafting a list of “to-read” books for this summer.  So, with summer fast approaching, what should I read?  What do you want to read?  With that in mind, I’m listing my options and hopefully I’ll inspire some readers to take up my choices (or choose their own).  Unless I designate, I haven’t read these books, so my deep apologies if you try one and dislike it.  Suggestions for what I should read or what you should read are definitely welcome in the comments. (more…)