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Outpost and Short Tutorials: Challenges, Strategies, and Pitfalls February 13, 2012

While it’s nice to finish a conference in under thirty minutes and return to meebo until the next student arrives at the outpost, short tutorials take a certain degree of skill to lead effectively. I’ve been working at the Loop campus outpost this quarter and while business is slow at times, the short conferences that do happen can be challenging.  (more…)


Sit down to a Standing Appointment! January 12, 2011

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The Writing Center is now open for business and what better way to start off your Winter Quarter than stopping by for a weekly appointment? The other day, my roommate and I were discussing all of the extensive projects we have coming up this quarter- research papers, weekly responses, screenplays-  when Deanna mentioned a solution to our anxieties: standing appointments.  (more…)