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Why Do We Laugh at Gaffes? October 26, 2011

On Thursday night I attended a lecture series at Saint Xavier University. The guest lecturer was Robert Gibbs, the former press secretary for President Obama.

The talk was pretty good (probably not worth the $20 bucks I spent, but whadderyagonnado?). He shared some anecdotes about working with our President, and gave some interesting insight into the Republican primaries. He also gave a surprisingly effective answer to a question on how young people can avoid apathy. He noted that lobbyists in $2000 suits really like our apathy. They capitalize on it.



Body Language Learning: Non-verbal Communication in the Writing Center Tutorial October 23, 2011

Think of all the choices you make between your handshake with a new peer and your first glance at his/her work. First of all, do you shake hands at all? Then, do you grab a cup of coffee to maintain your focus, or do you restrain yourself to avoid Starbucksbreath and/or an awkward trip to the bathroom? Do you sit next to, or across from your peer? Once you have sat down, do you fold your hands in your lap, rest them on the table, or cross your arms in disdain?  (more…)


How I Learned to Shut Up and Be a Tutor October 11, 2011

My first experiences with shadowing another tutor were understandably nerve-wracking.  Having never tutored in any context before, I wasn’t quite sure how an academic tutorial would go, or what part I’d play in it.  To make matters worse, I wasn’t even doing proper tutoring yet!  I was tasked with shadowing a tutorial, making my role in the situation even more muddled.  What was I supposed to do or say?  I was ready to observe but what if someone asked my opinion or expected me to participate?  Just to be safe, I looked over what the writer had said about their paper on MyWCOnline before the appointment.  I tried to give the tutorial a general outline in my head and guess what the writer would want to work on and how to respond.  Finally, I thought about how to strike a balance between observing and contributing to the tutorial, keeping in mind that there was a much more experienced tutor that should really be worrying about these things. (more…)


UCWbLers as Editors: A New Frontier in DePaul Faculty and Staff Writing Assistance October 10, 2011

As a tutor part-way into my third year at the UCWbL, I have given written feedback on many documents: about 45 of them, according to a quick search of the UCWbL archives. But none have been quite like the most recent in either size or style. As an employee of the UCWbL, a Writing Center tutor, I. . .edited. (more…)


Playing the Waiting Game October 9, 2011

The Breakroom, a new office comedy show created by UCWbL staff, depicts everyday tutoring scenarios in the writing center through a satirical lense. The latest episode discusses an often overlooked, yet incredibly important technique that can be applied during any tutoring session. (more…)


Writers Guild Shindig for National Day on Writing! October 7, 2011

Greetings all! As some of you may know, the National Day on Writing is rapidly approaching. We’ve got a lot of great things planned. Who’s sponsoring this event? I’m glad you asked! (more…)