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Social-ize Your Writing Center (with hints from our social media guide) May 12, 2012

We’re always encouraging our colleagues to share the awesome work they do through our social media outlets.  If you’re an UCWbLer looking for the best channel to broadcast a new project, or if you belong to another writing center and want some tips on connecting to your students through social media, you could do worse than check out our Quick User’s Guide!


Scrawl Season 3 Episode 9: A Terrifying Tweet? March 15, 2012

Hello, and yes you read that correctly.  Can Twitter be terrifying?  Who would do such a thing?

On this episode of Scrawl, the gang gets the goosebumps and reads a little R.L. Stine.  But what does that have to do with Twitter? Earlier this year, the author of the amazingly horrific children’s book series Goosebumps, R.L. Stine tweeted a story of suspense and horror.  Yes, he tweeted a story!!  Through a series of nine tweets, R.L. shows fans and followers that not only does he still have it, but shows writers that we can use any medium and still create a killer story. (more…)


MLA adds format for citing tweets March 7, 2012

Great news for social media-savvy UCWbLers – the Modern Language Association has rolled out the correct format for citing a tweet in an academic paper.  If you feel the need to add Kanye West’s deepest thoughts to your next research assignment with perfect evidence of your source, have no fear!  The MLA has your back.


“Very Short Stories”: Composing and Prose on Twitter February 7, 2012

Comedian Sean Hill is bringing new meaning to the term “short story.”  His tiny tales (all of them under the 140-character limit imposed by Twitter) are strangely charming and quite possibly the future of prose and composing.  Collected in a new book, his stories are getting a lot of attention – and he’s not the only one taking advantage of the mini-format.  Novels are great but a few writers are choosing minimalism over quantity, and you can too. (more…)