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Rage Against the Machine: How Typing Shapes Writing October 3, 2012

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Okay, okay, I know: I need to chill out about typewriters.  But I’m really enjoying the book by Friedrich Kittler that I mentioned last weekGramaphone, Film, Typewriter.  In particular I want to look at this question that Kittler raises many times: how does the way we write affect what we write? (more…)


Mark Twain’s Love/Hate Relationships October 2, 2012

… with his typewriter.  Yes, it turns out the Twain-man couldn’t quite untangle his feelings about the revolutionary device.  Mr. Clemens certainly made history when he wrote Tom Sawyer: it was the first-ever typed manuscript to be submitted for publication.  But though he loved his typewriter, he couldn’t bring himself to offer a public endorsement for Remington, the manufacturer, as we see in this letter. (more…)