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Research Team In-Service September 24, 2011

Attention, UCWbLers!

Research Team here! Have you ever wanted to know how students feel about your work as tutors? Have you ever wondered how many tutorials the Writing Center conducts from year-to-year? Are you curious as to what students have to say about the Writing Center after they leave? Then come to the Research Team’s in-service this Friday, September 30th, at 10:00 am! (more…)


In the Business February 14, 2011

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This was it!  Today was my first day being my own tutor.  I was so excited I looked up my WCOnline schedule from home almost immediately after waking up this morning and was shocked at what I saw. (more…)


Grammar Plus! January 26, 2011

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When first logging on to the Capital Community College Foundation’s Guide to Grammar and Writing you may be amused by the puffy font, section bubbles and multicolored punctuation surrounding the page, but don’t be fooled.  This site is serious business. (more…)


First Day on the Job January 10, 2011

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Starting something new is never easy.  Whether it’s a new job or a new piece of writing things are always a bit shaky or at least a little nerve wrecking at first.  Take today for example.  Just in beginning this blog post, I must have erased and re-wrote a beginning at least six times.  Not only am I blogging for the first time in my life, but I’m also at the end of my first day as an UCWbL Writing Center tutor. (more…)


The Ethicist on Giving Students Help on Writing… October 24, 2010

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In today’s (October 24, 2010) New York Times Magazine, Randy Cohen fields a question from a librarian (scroll down to the second entry) at a community college about the ethics of pointing out students grammar or spelling errors when she/he (the writer’s name is withheld) is fielding more technical questions about how to use computer workstations. (more…)