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A Taste of Culture in Chicago’s Chinatown April 27, 2012

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Have you visited Chinatown yet?  You should!

Chinatown is one of those neighborhoods that allows you to feel transported; you can pretend you are in a different country and not just a different neighborhood.  Stepping off the Chicago Red Line you will find yourself greeted by the famous “Nine-Dragon Wall “– nine is a lucky number in China.  There are three of these famous, elaborate murals in China and only one in the United States.  Head up to Wentworth Street, and a left will take you into Old China Town, introduced by the dramatic “Dragon Gate” and filled with shops and restaurants.  A right will take you towards New China Town’s Zodiac square where you can use your birth year to identify under which animal in the Chinese Zodiac you were born.  The square is picturesque and full of shops and restaurants.  (more…)


Quick Questions: Sources within Sources (Sourception?) April 19, 2012

Part of our work at the Writing Center includes responding to “Quick Questions” asked by writers from within and beyond the DePaul community. By posting the questions from writers and answers crafted by our tutors,  we hope you just might discover the answer to a question you have always wanted (or never thought) to ask!


How do you cite a source within a source? I found info in an online article that had info from another article and was unsure if I only cited where they got the info from or if I site both sources. Ex An online articles that uses a quote from a USA today article


Check Out Chicago Zine Fest This Weekend March 9, 2012

Looking for something fun and literary to do, or a way to take a breather from finals?  Chicago Zine Fest has a variety of events today and an exhibition at Columbia College tomorrow.  Readings are taking place at various places around the city today, culminating in a party at Quimby’s Bookstore in Wicker Park, and tomorrow’s event will feature a bookfair of local and non-local zine writers as well as panels, film screenings, readings, and more!  What are zines?  They can be anything from stapled booklets to chapbooks to self-published novels to mini-comics – as long as they’re independently-made and incredibly creative!  For more information check out the event site.


What is YOUR favorite Chicago used bookstore? November 9, 2011

With the closing of Borders, it’s starting to seem like there are more used bookstores in Chicago than first-hand bookstores. Certainly used bookstores ARE “green” — keeping paper out of landfills — and are exemplars of recycling — paper, of course, but ideas and images too. I love prowling through used bookstores. Do you?  (more…)


One more week to see “The World As Text”! August 5, 2011

“The World As Text,” an installation at Columbia College Chicago’s Center for Book and Paper Arts, will run for just one more week, until August 12.