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UCWbLing is moving to a new home October 22, 2012

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Since we started UCWbLing in 2010, it has outgrown our expectations for what a writing program blog could accomplish.  With over 20,000 hits so far, we’re confident that this is one of the most active writing program blogs out there–yet UCWbLing is still run by tutors, for tutors.  To increase our capacity, we’re moving UCWbLing to a new home.  Continue following the latest from the UCWbL’s peer writing tutors at our new address:



“Does poetry need paper?”: Writing Advice from Don DeLillo October 19, 2012

This week, the Chicago Public Library Foundation awarded novelist Don DeLillo the Carl Sandburg Literary Award, and to mark the occasion, DeLillo appeared at the downtown Harold Washington Library last night to read and discuss his latest work, The Angel Esmeralda, a collection of short stories.  It was an illuminating discussion.  Donna Seaman, the moderator, asked DeLillo about his influences and themes, but there were also many insights into DeLillo’s process as a writer. (more…)


Get Busy This Friday, Next Friday, and the Friday After Next October 17, 2012

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This Friday, you might actually get some work done.

The Writing Center is now open on Fridays, in the Loop, from 12 to 5.

Come visit us in the Loop Campus, in Lewis 1600.  Or make an appointment in advance.


New Tutors on Tutoring: Banned Books Week & Dumb Cynicism October 11, 2012

Throughout the first few weeks of my involvement in the Writing Center, much of my attention has been devoted to familiarizing myself with UCWbL logistics and becoming comfortable within this wonderfully collaborative new work environment. After several work shifts, I finally started to feel completely at ease with all the procedures and felt like I had a grasp on everyone’s name. Yes, I was feeling like a regular UCWbL scholar with my tutor logs completed and all the “minimalism” term-dropping in regular conversation. Until one day tutor and Outreach team member Jen F. unexpectedly invited me to help her run the Banned Books Week table in the Student Center, and my perception of the Writing Center took an astronomical 180˚. (more…)


Why Do Societies Ban Books?: DePaul Panelists Offer Answers October 10, 2012

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Last Thursday,  October 4, in the Richardson Library, DePaul students, faculty, and the public were treated to a panel discussion on censorship, book banning, and free speech for Banned Books Week. Rene de los Santos from the Writing, Rhetoric, and Discourse (WRD) department; Heather Jagman, Coordinator of Library Instruction at the DePaul University Library; and Lauri Dietz, Director of the University Center for Writing-based Learning were on the panel to address attendees as well as answer any questions. (more…)


Network, Collaborate, Learn: The 2012-13 Peer Tutor & Mentor Summit October 9, 2012

The 2012-2013 Peer Tutor & Mentor Summit was this past Friday, and as usual, it delivered on its promise: tutors and mentors from across DePaul’s programs had a chance to share their strategies, goals, career advice, and more.  It was also a reminder of the vastness of DePaul’s offerings for its students: in attendance were mentors from Veteran’s Affairs, tutors from the Collaborative for Multilingual Writing and Research (CMWR) and the International Student Experience Exchange, advisors from the Career Center, and many others.  Indeed, the array of programs at DePaul is every bit as diverse as DePaul’s students themselves, and so also were the rewards that the summiteers took with them. (more…)


Scrawl Season 5 Episode 2: (Radio Edit) October 2, 2012

Robert sits down with Heather Jagman, DePaul University’s Coordinator of Library Instruction, to talk about the importance of Banned Books Week.  Heather talks about her experience in grade school and not having a public library in her town and how that motivated her interest in library science.


We discuss book banning in public institutions such as schools and libraries, and Heather gives us some background on the origins of Banned Books Week.


Also, Robert gives us the Top 10 list of challenged books of 2011.


Original Air Date:  9-28-2012

(Due to technical difficulties, we are unable to post the audio from this episode.)


A Safe Space to Geek Out About Writing

The Chicago Land Writing Center Conference! It was held this past weekend at North Park University and was filled with interactive discussions on tutoring people with learning disabilities or ADHD, round robin tables on topics ranging from community building to transitioning from working at one writing center to another, conversation cafes, and a discussion panel with Harold Washington’s all professional-tutoring staff.



How to Be a Better Mentor #1: Attend the PTMS on Oct. 5 September 28, 2012

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DePaul’s third annual Peer Tutor & Mentor Summit takes place Friday, October 5, from 10 AM to 3 PM in Cortelyou Commons. We fervently hope that you will come to this wonderful event! In fact, we have extended the deadline to RSVP to today (September 28).  You can reserve your spot here.  See more info after the jump.  (more…)


DePaul’s Banned Books Week Events (Doesn’t Include Banning Books) September 27, 2012

Banned Books Week runs September 30 through October 6. Along with DePaul University Libraries we are celebrating free speech all week long! See the details after the jump. (more…)