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Playing the Waiting Game October 9, 2011

The Breakroom, a new office comedy show created by UCWbL staff, depicts everyday tutoring scenarios in the writing center through a satirical lense. The latest episode discusses an often overlooked, yet incredibly important technique that can be applied during any tutoring session. (more…)


Scrawl S2E2 September 19, 2011

The second full week of the academic year is upon us, and boy, do we have a treat for you!

The latest episode of Scrawl centers around the Scrawl Banned Books Club, with guest appearances by Scrawl-appointed banned book expert Jennifer Finstrom and CMWR book club representative Elliot Crumpley. The icing on the cake (and the cherry on top) is a discussion on our very first banned book, Adventures of Huckleberry Finn!

Also, we have a quick correction, so take note: Writer’s Guild will be meeting this Thursday at 4pm in Richardson Library, room 309, not the SAC pit as stated on air.

Don’t forget to tune in to Radio DePaul next Friday at 11am central, as we reveal (gasp!) a new starting lineup!


Scrawl 8/12 August 12, 2011

Hello, Scrawl Nation!

Looking to break into the world of journalism but aren’t sure where to start? UCWbL Fellow Maureen “Mo” Clancy gives us the lowdown on life as an editorial intern at NewCity. Bored by everything on your bookshelf? Hillary Duff’s debut novel provides an Elixir for even the bluest of summer blues on this week’s Snooki’s Corner. Feeling confident about your vocabulary? This week’s Word of the Day might just blow your mind. Whatever you’re looking for this weekend, Scrawl’s got it all!

Scrawl airs in real time every Friday at 11am central on Radio DePaul.


Scrawl 8/5 August 5, 2011

It’s a family affair on today’s Scrawl, as we welcome not one, but two special guests from the UCWbL! Writing Tutor/Fellow Martina Mihelicova reads some short fiction and poetry, and UCWbL Director Dr. Lauri Dietz joins us for a discussion on writing and social media.

In other Scrawl news, just a reminder to put that junior high copy of The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn to good use, and get reading! Scrawl will be hosting the first installment of the Banned Book Club on a future episode, and we’d love to get our listeners involved.

Scrawl airs every Friday from 11am to Noon right here. Give us a listen…or else.


Scrawl Radio, 7/29 July 29, 2011

Do you like listening to Scrawl? Check out the latest episode here!

This week’s episode featured readings by Flask Fiction winners Stella Martin and SCRAWL’s own Devin Leigh, an introduction to our newest segment, and more Ace of Base (because really, we can never get enough of those Swedish songbirds). (more…)


SCRAWL Radio, 7/22 July 22, 2011

Here for your listening enjoyment is the most recent episode of SCRAWL, the UCWbL’s weekly radio show!



SCRAWL Radio, 7/15 July 20, 2011

Beat the heat with an extra-special and extra-long helping of SCRAWL!  Give it a listen below.  Just hit “play.”