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A New Tutor’s Introduction to the SNL October 25, 2011

As a new member of the Writing Groups team—and a new tutor to boot—I was mystified by all the acronyms and new vocabulary I encountered during my first weeks at the UCWbL. SNL, AP, ILP, competencies, the grid—I had no idea what any of it meant, and I was expected to help coordinate this team? Oh dear. (more…)


Writing Groups present AP and ILP Forums for SNL Writers October 5, 2011

Most UCWbLers may know or remember that Writing Groups Leaders do a lot of work with adult students from the School for New Learning.  As part of our continuing efforts to reach out to SNL students, the Writing Groups will again offer several Advanced Project and Independent Learning Pursuit Forums at the suburban and Loop campuses this quarter. (more…)


Understanding DePaul’s School for New Learning Jargon May 19, 2011

DePaul’s School for New Learning (SNL) provides adult students opportunities to learn from experience and gain academic credit by recognizing and developing certain competencies. It should be no surprise, then, that such a unique approach to learning requires a new set of terms. This resource provides writing center tutors and fellows useful definitions for  SNL vocabulary. (more…)


Bringing People Together: Help for SNL writers and UCWbL tutors April 6, 2011

Does this scenario sound familiar?  

An SNL (School for New Learning) writer comes into the writing center and sits down with a tutor to work on a draft for a portion of her Advanced Project.  The conference begins congenially, with the tutor and writer shaking hands and exchanging introductions.  Following introductions, the conversation goes something like this:  (more…)