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In Praise of Online Appointments October 25, 2011

As a new tutor with the UCWbL, my appointments so far have been either in person or via email.  In both cases, I’ve felt in control of the tutorial to a greater or lesser degree.  However, there’s something to be said for collaborative relationships in tutoring as well, and the online interface was the first time that I’ve experienced this sense of working together on a piece of writing.  I recently had my first experience with the online tutorial system in my UCWbL class, Writing Center Theory and Pedagogy.  Granted, it was just in the classroom and with my fellow new tutors – we used it to look over each other’s project drafts for an assignment we’re all working on – but it was still an eye-opening evening.  I’ve been using chat functions since middle school in a social capacity but this was the first time I’d even seen the same basic platform used for tutoring purposes. (more…)


‘Good English’ : Why Must It Be So Gray? October 16, 2011

I led my first official handful of face-to-face appointments this past week and was surprised at how many of my peers were concerned with grammar usage in their writing. (more…)


UCWbLers as Editors: A New Frontier in DePaul Faculty and Staff Writing Assistance October 10, 2011

As a tutor part-way into my third year at the UCWbL, I have given written feedback on many documents: about 45 of them, according to a quick search of the UCWbL archives. But none have been quite like the most recent in either size or style. As an employee of the UCWbL, a Writing Center tutor, I. . .edited. (more…)


Training season at the UCWbL: a view from the other side

Spiced cider…  The bursting colors of turning leaves…  The soft sounds of your “Fall” playlist on Spotify…  There are a number of reasons why we look forward to autumn, but at the UCWbL’s Writing Center, the most thrilling thing about the season is the training of our new tutors.