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Get Help with Digication ePortfolios: a brand-new resource! May 4, 2012

Maybe you’re a student who recently had to create an ePortfolio for a class, or maybe you’re an instructor, and your colleagues just won’t stop raving about the benefits ePortfolios bring to a class. Perhaps you’re even one of those ePortfolio enthusiasts yourself.  No matter who you are, you’ll find something useful among our latest batch of ePortfolio resources.

“Wait, wait,” you say.  “Give me a refresher on this ePortfolio stuff.”  Here’s a place to start: DePaul’s Michael Moore and the Office of Teaching, Learning, and Assessment have put together an introduction to teaching with ePortfolios, which explains their history as well as their advantages.

And here’s where the fun begins.  Once you’ve been converted, visit the UCWbL’s very own guide to designing ePortfolios, the most comprehensive guide of its kind!

The guide is a great place for beginners to orient themselves to the Digication interface, breaking down step-by-step how to create new pages, organize your modules, and incorporate media of all kinds.  But if you think you’re already a Digication ninja, you might want to think again: we’ll help you maximize the rhetorical potential of your ePortfolio by giving your work the slickest sort of presentation it deserves.  The guide includes sample portfolios so you can consider your design choices, whether you’re showcasing a personal project, your progress in a course, or materials for students.

Also, if you’re an experienced Digication user who’s looking for ways to spruce up the color and style of your Digication portfolio, then check out our Custom CSS Guide (PDF).


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